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  • I think valks are in a right place and what more do they need in sword spec its oready pretty nice since it works as a one and 2 handed with out having to spend more points
  • I think the buffs and reuse timers are good the way they are
  • Ya there has omost been a none stop rp bonus for a wile we don't need anymore as you can get a decent amount even divided among 80 people I have made over 80k running with rescue ya thats over 2 to 3 hours but I'm happy with that amount
  • You still can't use that npc to turn the old currencys into business tho unless they changed it on me just exchange between glass, scales, aurlight, and blood seals
  • You can still spend what stash you oready have but can not gain any more of the old currency its all bps now. I think it would amazing if they had a way to convert the old currency into bps that would be nice
  • define self buffs i think we might be thinking to different things
  • I love my Valk but I for sure think bm for balks is a bad idea
  • I agree with Armageddon that it would make more sense to make it like an ability like memories of war that heavies get that way it can't be sheared and you don't have to worry aboult keeping it up or it dropping in a fight. If its a buff I can see p…
  • Boop XD
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  • Lol get burned @practician (only joking with ya)
  • all in all I'm quite happy and excited for the changes and hopefully that will bring in some more ec players and get some to now sub. I like the idea of getting some free myth for being subbed and the xp boost for ec players being great with subbed …
  • @sarkon ya the kings gear is much better the it used to be but still not the best and toa% stuff is capped at 10% as for stats they q hard cap at 127 for strength dex ex:. Resist do not have a hard cap as you can't really break the games with what t…
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  • I would like to add that for aidon if you have the guy targeted when he splits into 4 of them you will still have the right guy targeted so just fast to find out which one it is
  • How do you lose that much in 1 evening takes me like 3 nights to do that on my melee. Props to the healers keeping you alive tho lol
  • I dont mind if they had a saddle that lower lvls could use being that it is not a full speed like the the ones at lvl 50. They could be be paired with the slower speed some classes get and need a better saddle for higher levels i don't think I'm wor…
  • I second this lol
  • I would go with bub ui then as its has the most choices. You will probably find what your looking for there tho you would have to manually update it so you can port the the towers and km in ev and the the relic towns
  • The new ui it has is not that bad you may not have all the extra stuff but it does not look bad
  • @shoke ya I am for not giving it to druids
  • if you ever want someone to lvl with just ask me if I'm not working I don't mind
  • Melee dps is still a big thing I still think one of the easiest set up to run in mid is a tank train. Ya with heals free casting you won't kill anything but if there not getting healed they tend to drop like Flys trying to take out someone by yourse…
  • @anomally ah nice cant wait
  • I can see lowering the stun duration and not getting rid of it and if it is to much and it breaks the game more then it helps you can revert it. Its easer to lower it the to get rid of it. Or give it a recast timer but I think lowering it would be b…
  • Never done this event or that bg befor so I'm all kinds of hyped is it a lvl 50 bg? It never gave any requirements
  • Lol happy 4th and i wont be srinking i like to have full control of myself lol to many dark secrets to keep XD
  • I can see of it would be a problem in tower fights but all 3 realms would have it
  • For me and many otheres its the rr difference and elite players that make me not want to play i would gladly start everything over if it ment an even playing field besides a new server mean thoses that only 8man or solo can finally have what they wa…
  • I can agree to this right now few people go storm lord as there they are pretty much only useful in keep fights. So im for this change as long as it only affects dd spells and not debuffs or or cc spells.
  • I think a shar could still be lore friendly as that can be vamps and rangers
  • As much as i dont like that cloak /use (mostly because i play mid) i think it is fine the way it is. Besides a true mid would rather die with honor then to run from thoses punny tree huggers XD.
  • Thankyou @puter for that link. That helps a little. Still would like to find a way to make it worth wile so that more people would use them.
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  • Thats the thing they are balanced in my eyes @mrzerg tell me how its not balanced and make sure its because of the game and not the player base. Alot of the problems is the player base Ps noone is attacking you over anything you said. You voic…
  • @maethir that sounds like a great idea +1
  • I would not mind seeing them in game again at good be fun i necer got to experience them when they were in the game
  • @indio68 for right now the cata zones are closed to everyone(they have said that they are revamping them) if your looking for a guild on hib try sending a msg to someone federation of hibernia they are a great guild for new and returning players. Th…
  • @shoke that maybe true but now its there if there is anyone else who is looking for tips
  • @mrzerg what your saying will be very bad for the game as casters will have no way to get people off of them including your healers say your on a caster solo you will die every time to even someone you is just swinging not even stileing because you …
  • As for the disappearing npcs there is a way to fix it but i dont know how to. It has to do with your router mabe someone can tell you how to fix that. It is an internet thing but has nothing to do with internet speed or how good it is. For the …
  • Cc is very important in this game and there are plenty of ways to counter it. Most of the imbalances have to do with the player base and not the classes ya there are some classes that have op stuff but that is on every realm and its up to the player…
  • Just rethink what the relic bonuses do when you have them i think they are most of the problem. If the realms had all the same stuff the game would be boring as hell. Ya there are some op thing but each realm has something thats op just need to have…
  • What is hai lol im lost XD
  • The counter to bg is to use ranged or magic and the ml Stiles use a lot of endo and there are plenty of ways to endo tap poeple. There are a good amount of counters to each ml ability i think they are fine the way they are and dont think they need t…
  • Fine i will be the first XD
  • Lol ya definitely a no on rp transfer especially to hib you oready get plenty from all the relics at this point i am strongly for removing the damage boost for controlling the relics and just have the rp/xp bonuses. Cant take a keep from hibs anyway…
  • Dark dragon Lockett has a cure ress sick on it
  • Just makeing sure i wont get hit with the ban hammer it is not hard to counter as only works if you have speed. Is still fun tho to get up there with my hex lock XD
  • Warlocks can no longer add there own spells to there chambers. Chambers are pre set depending on what spec you go with now with the uninterruptable buff they get only effects secondary spells( cant remember if the trade off is more power cost or wea…
  • I can see having the healer npc remove rvr ressick i dont think that would break or hurt the game do to you haveing to release in order to use the npc and that way if you are ressed mid fight you still have to deal with it till it is off or you cure…
  • Pair that with there disease that you get every time you hit there zombie form.