Returning player and one noob looking for a mid guild.

I am returning to daoc after about 6 years, and my friend is playing as well and he is totally new. I Have about 8 50s most of which are at least rr5. We are semi casual and login in around 10ish pm est. We are just looking for a guild to run with in rvr 8v8 or small man or even zerg and maybe give us the info on what has happened the past 6 years so i can get caught up. Thanks


  • So most temps from 6 years ago will need to be replaced but omost everything you will need can be bounty crafted with bounty points( the old glass qwest now give bps) if you are a subbed account you get a pot every month on each lvl 50 toon that gives a bonus to gold rps and bps no matter how your earn them the supplys can be picked up at the docks by beno/bled and DC(i can never get that keeps spelling XD) or the drift wood is faster to complete but you dont get as much xp towards you champion lvls if your not oready cl15 but gives more bps if the you have the buggane pot up. If you are bot good with makeimg temps daoc utils is a amazing website and template builder and you can find temps for any class there. If you have not oready joined there is an official daoc discord server and there a channel just for help with finding a guild

    This is the discord invite link
    If you have any trouble or need anything my discors is Namesvale#1997 feel free to send me a message.
  • Thanks very much names you are a credit to your countrymen. Whatever county that is lol /salute
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