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  • "Babe are you murdering people?"
  • It used to be a feature? I don't recall ever being able to move specific characters from one account to another. My understanding is that once you activate an account, you transfer all the characters on said account from their previous server to the…
  • I always thought it was weird there are no trophies in the mid frontier either. It'd be cool if there was a vendo trophy, the giant chickens, hell a frore lich and of course Glacier Giant.
  • Golden pickaxes too. For doing the mine cart quest.
  • I'm almost rr12 and was using the chimp to plot out which alts to play next. Was just a convenient way to look at my characters on all three realms and find the ones closest to dings to go play.
  • Back when people had their bots in port keeps instead of the border keeps, Stello and I would push storms into the keeps to see whose bot we could kill. Drummed up some fun fights similar to the way assassins do with siege towers now. Been a hot min…
  • To me it's laughable to try to play solo SB. Even 2H perf does trash damage to casters. With the amount of CC each caster class has, there's no point to trying to kill them. Maulers? heh. Vamps? Only if you can kill them in the first 10-15 seconds. …
  • I'm a concert photographer so I have been out of business for a month. I take photos for a mid size venue in Kansas City as well as for a website so it's dire straits for me.
  • Was around 3 p.m. CST on Sunday. Big fight at Bled, mid vs hib and the server took a dive. The entire mid BG went LD.
  • I make money through quests - Curse line gives like 60p and by selling rare items or recipes for the new bountycraft items. Voice-wise, it seems discord is popular for groups while TeamSpeak is popular for zergs. /cheers
  • /setwho or
  • I am the old shadowzerk spec and I really like it 34 Sword 50 Stealth 44 LA 21 CS 47 Env I still use Blur a lot, it helps for closing the distance when fighting archers and casters so to me 50 stealth is a must.
  • I've put up a couple of fresh remains in my house on mid Ywain and needed one for each. Still came up as normal on my spellcrafter.
    in Trophies Comment by Respen December 2019
  • My spec was 30 Stealth/34 Crit Strike/30 Poison/19 Weapon, I don't honestly recall the dps. I was in Molvik prior to the stealth changes so I went Viper 3 MoStealth 3. I would probably go the MoS 3 but then go aug str 2, mopain 2. I think that ma…
  • If anyone is wondering, here is my spec at 8L7 34 Sword 50 Stealth (use Blur all the time) 44 LA 3 Axe 21 CS 47 Envenom I am still having a lot of success with this spec, although I know a lot of players are doing 51 composite stealth and r…
    in SB Spec? Comment by Respen November 2019
  • Long Wind 1 is still a thing for recouping your endo while sprinting. I would focus on some aug str until you're around 400 with buffs. You get Charge 5 free now. Not sure after that. MLs you should go banelord, as it provides good interrupts and…
  • Submit it as a bug on the official Discord. Link is on the side >
  • Not a fan of the assassin changes.
  • It was the most fun I've had playing in a long time. The last three was kind of meh, but some decent fights. The big fight at Scath was amazing. Nordain and Perf did a great job leading mids and it ended up in a three-way battle royale. Way better t…
  • The thing I don't understand is why put them in now? The servers have been clustered for what? 10 years? The population is dwindling, why add another thing that will push people away? I'd like to know the reality of people realm hopping and the i…