Couple of Basic questions

Hello :) Yes, I am back for those who remember me as Movarts, or as Friendly. Anyways, I forgot how to make my info appear as my craft? like if you do /who armorcrafter, or if you do /who Movarts, it wont say Level 50 Berserker, it would say Level 50 Armorcrafter. Also how do you make money nowadays? Which voice programs do I need to download? I like to zerg vs zerg but don't know which voice program they use to tell people what to do and such.


  • /setwho <CLASS> or <TRADE>
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  • I make money through quests - Curse line gives like 60p and by selling rare items or recipes for the new bountycraft items. Voice-wise, it seems discord is popular for groups while TeamSpeak is popular for zergs.

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    Doing OW and Curse gives some money.

    Getting bountypoints and selling recipes is a good way to make money. You get bountypoints through Curse, RvR, RvR quests, supply quests, ToA quests, DF, etc....
    Use buggane pot for increasing the reward of bountypoints
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