What do you want on the new server that is coming?

I thought we could just each post a list of what each of us want on the new server, if we are interested in playing on the new server when it comes.

In this thread I had the idea to not discuss anything, not answering any other individuals thoughts but only that each one of us states what each one of us wants.

The information that hopefully will be gathered in this thread could be helpful for Broadsword when deciding on how to progress with the development of the new server.

I am planning to gather information over time (approximately 6 months) and present the findings with a sort of closing post of this thread.

If it is possible to remove posts that do not follow the above (apart from this initial post of course) I think it would be good if that could be done @John_Broadsword @Carol_Broadsword


  • 1. Classic + Shrouded Isles + Foundations.

    2. Multiple accounts allowed.

    3. Only 1 realm per account.

    4. Same equipment as in the 1.65 patch.

    5. A slightly modified Old Frontiers.
    - Milegates needs adressing in my opinion.
    - Albion frontier needs some tweaks in my opinion.
    - The keeps could be redesigned.
    - Relic keeps could get towers or be made stronger in some fashion, perhaps become a bit weaker if holding more than one relic

    6. Equipment/drops from the Shrouded Isles dungeons and Dragons are available for purchase from NPC merchants for gold/platinum or an alternative currency like Dragon Scales.

    7. Patterns to change the aestethics of your equipment is available for purchase with Bounty Points.

    8. Respec stones are available for purchase with Bounty Points.

    9. Easier to reach level 50 compared to how it was back in patch 1.65, implement the task dungeons perhaps.

    10. No resets of characters whatsoever.

    11. Having captured another realms relic in your own relic keep grants 5% increase to damage when in the Frontier zones.
    Having lost a relic to another realm resluts in a 5% decrease in damage when in the Frontier zones.

    12. No progression towards later implemented content.

    13. Trade skills exactly like in patch 1.65.

    14. Battlegrounds exactly like in patch 1.65.
  • 1) No catacombs classes or maulers

    2) Original New Frontiers

    3) Quick progression through levels

    4) Mithril Merchants adding ToA, Dragonslayer, and Darkspire reskin patterns.

    5) Very short down time in between RvR/Seasonal events.

    6) Disabled Rent on active account. Demolish when/if account is closed.
  • I really hope this topic stays alive. Most People Love the Idea of a Classic Server. Played yesterday for 3 hours had fun, but solo not easy. 30k rps. NF seems 50 bigger then it really needs to be. I miss the Ruined Keeps and the Buggane Buff. Paying Mithrril for RVR bonus buffs seems really Gay. I hope they do something in Old Frontiers that is Awesome and fun. Better XP, Drops, Quests. GET PEOPLE IN THE FRONTIER AND THEY WILL COME!. I always said that Dark Age has a Food chain when it comes to RVR. Solo's Grieve Pver's , Duo/Trio's kill Grievers, Small man's kills duos /Trio's and Full groups Kill Small Man's. Makes for a Healthy Fun Game...unless you are trying to PVE :o . Risk reward. That's why the XP and Gold/ Loot has to be worth it!
    I hope they do a community Poll what people want, and God I hope they get it right and we all have a blast on the New Classic, Dark Age of Camelot Server.
  • 1.allow EC account for leveling without race/class restriction, but halve gaining realm point or RR4 cap - encourage people to 'try out' playing with friends.
    2.no xp cap for EC account- this is stupid emo
    3.no catacomb class
    4.disable ML level, artifacts, TOA bonuses etc.

    -give EC account for some disadvantages like 1min teleporter delay, double price, half selling, etc etc but NO restriction about playing (class/race comb eg.)
    Population is so low...think about the reason why people quit and can't stay
  • Classic/SI/Foundations

    Actually make Epic armor mean something again.
  • All i ask for is an even playing field and fast lvling like it is now
  • Names wrote: »
    All i ask for is an even playing field and fast lvling like it is now

    Classic leveling was PAINFULLY slow, no hastener speed just some horses. The quick leveling didn't really pickup until SI released.

    Also regarding an "even playing field" if that means new server and starting from 0 realm points then I agree it's VERY attractive for many reasons. Just understand that the realms and classes weren't balanced back in OF.
    NS had access to Avoid pain and just plain wrecked ish in stealth. Left Axe pre-nerf was pretty insane as well...

  • I wonder when was the last time the apostles of the SI + housing have actually played that ruleset for the last time.

    Will they be the first ones to cry that having to fight hib groups with 2 group purge + 8 purge? Will they cry when alb tank groups sos and destroy them? Will they cry when they realize that after 2 months it's still the same 2% of players that are already rank 7+ and farming everybody else?
  • No stealth classes
  • Shoke wrote: »
    I wonder when was the last time the apostles of the SI + housing have actually played that ruleset for the last time.

    Will they be the first ones to cry that having to fight hib groups with 2 group purge + 8 purge? Will they cry when alb tank groups sos and destroy them? Will they cry when they realize that after 2 months it's still the same 2% of players that are already rank 7+ and farming everybody else?


    I do believe whatever they come up will have balance adjustments/QOL changes, so while discussing the balance flaws of eighteen years ago is great, using them to twist up into insults is just counterproductive.

    It's one thing when the top 2% of players is the same 8-10 people farming the zergs and realm symbols on the map is essentially radar and people get killed by the same 8-10 people all night. It's another when the top 2% is 40-50 players 8v8/GvG and there's so much action everywhere else the same 8man doesnt have the chance to hunt you down all night long because there's nothing else out to fight.

    Yes, everything was more simple in classic/si/housing ruleset. Yes, the top 2% are DAoC Gods who know this game inside and out and play against each other all day long learning new tactics and utilizing every last layer of strategy in this twenty year old game. Clearly the added layers of strategy since ToA have made the game more enjoyable, so the population has boomed and the game is healthy! not...

    Each layer of strategy will involve exclusion of casual players. Games that thrive today are a good mesh of "strategy" and the "pick-up-and-play" factor.

    I'd like:
    • Classic/SI/Housing
    • 14 day free trial return (so people can try the new sub-only seasonal server, which BS already said it will be sub only)
    • Streamlined groupfinder, so people can create leveling groups easier
    • 8-15 hour play time to reach level 50 (powerleveling would obviously be faster)
    • NOTHING in the cash shop BESIDES SKINS/aesthetics (can you say p2w?)
    • New Frontiers 1.0, with some porting adjustments
    • 8v8v8 instance
    • Updated RA system. Combine old with new, leave some out
    • Weekly bug fixes
    • NO RP's for taking keeps/towers
    • Realm lock or 4 hour + timer
    • Player mounts (not on speed 6), obtainable at level 10 like it is now.
    • Less questing
    • Removal of magic dmg melee weapons (like leggies)

    IDK Ywain hardcore players are suddenly against a new server that will bring more population and thus create more action. As if the current path of Ywain will bring in the masses.... The biggest market Broadsword can tap into, is the market that has never played DAoC. You will not get them with Ywain. The second biggest market Broadsword can tap into, is DAoC players who have left 5-7+ years ago. How do we get them back? More changes they didn't want forced down their throat for $15/mo?.........

    Get over yourselves.
    "...the best thing to do if you disagree (or agree) isn't to ask us why (which is rhetorical)...." -John_Broadsword
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  • @Dale_Perf what you described isn't classic/si/housing.

    Personally I'm all for a new server, with the right ruleset. I don't think that having 3 qbars worth of abilities is good for a game.

    However, classic/si is a bit too simple, where 90% of classes are fine with 5 spells/abilities on their bar.

    What you described is something I've been writing about aswell, so I align witg you on that. I'm mostly allergic to the "classic" people that think going back to 2001 is the way to go.
  • Just play trispec healer if your worried about not having enough buttons to press....

    New server has to be temporary otherwise it'll die. So seasons. Alternate ruleset resets are a way to not bring about boredom. Can stay longer on classics or have 3/4 of the resets be classic. Don't care.
    Also the resets have to be complete. Relevel, get gear, everything.

    There needs to be either EXTREME realm timers, or a complete inability to switch realms unless you first delete all characters on a realm... Like it used to be.
    The temporary nature of the server (yes, this means full resets) will let the "realm pride" restrictions be tolerable with just 1 server. This game can't handle 4 servers, sorry, it can't. So it has to be 2. And you can't allow realm mixing, realm hopping, etc.

    Fix/implement those 2 things, and you'll have a booming server. Ruleset be damned. Full classic, SI, hell. Even early TOA, you'll have a full server. Until people get bored, then change it up, reset.
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    Shoke wrote: »
    @Dale_Perf what you described isn't classic/si/housing.

    Personally I'm all for a new server, with the right ruleset. I don't think that having 3 qbars worth of abilities is good for a game.

    However, classic/si is a bit too simple, where 90% of classes are fine with 5 spells/abilities on their bar.

    What you described is something I've been writing about aswell, so I align witg you on that. I'm mostly allergic to the "classic" people that think going back to 2001 is the way to go.

    I agree much of the game is simplified, but it was also a game of resource management. This limited the charges you would be using on caster/support classes to power replenishment charges/potions. If you expand the amount of abilities, the resource management needs to be increased accordingly. Today, tanks can spam styles all day long, shield speed means next to nothing, and a solid caster can easily last a decent fight w/o going OOP (5-7 min fight).

    Expansion of abilities is fine, I liked the ToA abilities, and I detailed in another post that I think ToA should be implemented, progressively, on the new server, in a much easier manner. One boss per ML, can be done with a group, artifacts can be solo'd, with the charges toned down/changed up, and without having to level them. The main thing I don't like about Ywain is the lack of resource management. Regeneration buffs should all have a radius, and IMO the cap regen an Alchemist can make should be 3, endo or power.
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    "...the best thing to do if you disagree (or agree) isn't to ask us why (which is rhetorical)...." -John_Broadsword
    "the patch [1.127] is later this year" -Carol_Broadsword, aka "constable paddy biehbien of the **** local community Enforcement force "
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  • Kat wrote: »
    No stealth classes

    Why does a hunter say that?^^
  • Expansion rotations, only NF no OF.
  • Kroko wrote: »
    Kat wrote: »
    No stealth classes

    Why does a hunter say that?^^

    I made the hunter a few years ago because stealth zergs killed the visi solo roaming game, and I wanted to solo. Game would be much healthier without the stealth zergs. I would give up my hunter for this change
  • Make it such that the new server has high population. I dont know if youre doing it, but you could do polls to get feedback from MANY people. Send it per email or sth. Ask them what they want and pick the option that has most approval.
  • Maybe make the poll results public after a decision has been made. We still don't know how many voted for timers among other polls that may (or may not) influence their decisions.
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    Here is what I would like:

    - start off with SI/housing. No catacomb classes, include ToA races.

    - Include some class changes that happened in the last couple years:
    1. Minstrel charm as per current Ywain mechanics
    2. baseline nukes in off spec (Matter in Matter line (Alb), energy in mana line (hib) and spirit in supp line (mid))
    3. Melee styles revamp (let's not have VW on a 4 style off evade chain, Left axe would have side stun, etc)

    - Add stat caps (101 templates) and ToA item bonuses, but reduce item /uses to alchemy charges only. Keep it at 75 / no ToA bonuses if templating becomes too difficult.

    - Revamped NF RAs, mixing OF and NF RAs, limiting the levels of active RAs to 3. Example, can't get purge 5 on a 5 min timer, best you can get is purge 3 on a 10 minute timer, etc.

    - No charge

    - No vanish

    - Have greater speed of the hunt (176% speed) available.

    - skald, bard and minstrel are only speed 5 classes.

    - re-balancing R5 abilities (Alb has all the good ones)

    - Revamped frontiers, most important features would be
    1. smaller size (between 60 and 70% of current NF)
    2. drastically reduced ports, force people to run to places so smallman/group/roaming action can thrive.
    3. Ideally no underwater fights (can have water, just can't dive)
    4. NF keeps

    - Revamped RvR quests to include group vs group incentives. Also make it that the RvR quests are always running. Example, tier 1 is kill 10 enemies, tier 2 is kill 30, tier 3 is kill 50, tier 4 is kill 75, tier 5 is kill 100, etc. and get RPs for each tier. (the counter resets, so to complete tier 3 you need to kill 10+30+50).

    - Fast leveling (20-25 hours /played to get 50 as a casual)

    - Relics have a ramping effect. When you capture a relic, you need to wait 24 hours for the bonus to kick in. That bonus gradually increases (from 0 to 10%) over the course of 14 days. After 14 days, it remains for another 7 days at max bonus. After 21 days, if the relic isn't captured by another realm it resets.

    and now for a wish

    - Develop a pvp focused leveling system (similar to Warhammer scenarios)

    5 BG tiers (1-10, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50), the BGs are permanent (not a timed session), no player limit, unless one realm is drastically overpopulated.
    Once in a BG, you are artificially boosted to the top level for health, resist and damage calculations
    If flagged as lfg, you are automatically placed in a group following a role logic (3 support, 1 tank, 4 dps) structure
    If flagged as solo, you can remain solo
    You get XP for player and guard kills and for capturing map objectives (flag, tower, keep, etc)
    Randomized item drops when killing players
    Earn BPs and purchase BG gear (same as today)

    XPing in pvp should be as quick as PvE leveling.
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  • Classic, SI, housing and maybe Darkspire or Catacombs (just for some variation in items and content, adjust items to remove TOA bonuses)

    NF, OF was just bad, sorry, you spent more time travelling to fight than actual fighting.

    Some sort of currency that you can use to buy items, once you have encounter credit. Could even boil it down to BPs, so you can earn them via PVP or PVE, depending on what you want.

    Cosmetic reskinning, either using BPs or Mythril.

    PvP challenges, attack this, defend that etc

    Rotating special events every couple of weekends, perhaps a solo pvp event, group pvp event etc, set in TOA zones or something. Just try stuff out, doing something is better than doing nothing.

    Add some master level abilities to the realm ability list.

    I would actually quite like some TOA stuff, speed chant is aoe rather than group etc.
  • I ant Classic+Shrouded Isles+Trials of Atlantis. But I propose it would be infinitely more stable and have a much larger population draw if it was a progression server. Start it out with Classic and Shrouded isles enabled, then add in Trials of Atlantis expansion after several months. Hell, even if you go all the way to Labyrinth to allow people to relive running around Laby if they want (not for me, but hey this is a game and it's supposed to be fun) By opening up the content you bring in more people. once you reach the targeted expansion, leave it like that for a year or two, then reset it and start again. Everquest has proven, beyond any shadow of a doubt that a Timelocked progression server is EXTREMELY successful and lucrative as a business model.

    Some people don't like ToA, and other say it ruined the game. That's not actually accurate.

    TOA did a LOT of things right, but the things they did wrong were too big to be ignored. For the time the demands on peoples computers were too high and the number of people required to complete some Artifact and the harder Master Level encounters was simply too much. Couple that with the LUDICROUS experience requirements some artifacts had and it turned a lot of people off.

    That wasn't enough to drop population into the ground, but it DID make people start to look elsewhere. Then you had WoW release and give people an alternative and the game bled players.

    I've been playing since early 2001. most of my old friends and guildies want Trials of Atlantis again and it gives the server stability and longevity. it gives people a PvE goal so that when they dont want to RvR they have something to do. The Shrouded isles dungeons are NOT enough PvE content to keep people interested.

    Make Master Level encounters require at MOST two groups. Make the artifacts VERY easy to level. Some leveling is healthy, but make it easy. We're talking how easy it was to Level Shades of Mist after the latest change about six years ago. Make it so yuo don't need the physical item to drop and be lucky enough to get it, you just need Encounter Credit and the Scrolls in order to obtain your artifact.

    New Frontiers with no ruined keeps.

    I would LIKE ToA Races and Catacombs Classes (I like maulers but if they don't make it in that's fine)

    Multiple accounts allowed, one realm per account.

    Revamped ML10 loot, Summoners Hall and the original Dragon Campaign.

    I do NOT believe a purely Classic+Shrouded Isles OF server will survive. There are too many options out there. You already have the original biggest private server (that is now quite small) and the newer private server that already provides exactly this. There is no need to provide a copy of something that is already available. By allowing this, you give people something that they have NEVER had in the history of the game. Some people honestly don't like the later content and that's fine. A LOT of us don't really like the Classic and SI content. But this way, you let the people who want the early content to do it, and you let the people who wnat the later content to get what they want eventualyl also.

    As someone who's favorite time in the game was Trials of Atlantis, I can tell you that if you announced you were bringing a server that would eventually reach that expansion out, you would have to put me in prison to keep me from giving you my money and telling ALL of my friends about it. I'd even play during the Classic+SI portion just so I'm ready to jump into ToA when it released.

    This is what I think the game needs and I have spoken to MANY people over the years, on here, in game and on the Postcount forums as well as the original VN boards when they used to exist.

    Carol, you know me as DraenV from Postcount and I've always tried to be a reasonable voice within the community. Take what I say into consideration please, it's not just empty ramblings.

  • ToA was by far my favorite expansion
  • I want all the over clock and 3rd party hacks to go there and all of the irc people. Leave ywain to the legitimate players.
    Asatruar - Ronnie 10 "
    Corpseshovel - Oldstanky - Nogvi

    The reason people hate to PvP is they are afraid of failure
  • @Pleazing what is an over clock?
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    So we gonna update this, or?
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  • Has been updated. Don't rvr in bgs or frontiers.
  • I'd like it to be more simple. DAOC was at its best right before ToA expansion. Like said I don't want 3 bars of buttons to be needed to play a warrior. The game has gotten way to complicated.
  • Go play Solitaire
  • Kroko wrote: »
    Go play Solitaire

    Soon we will all be playing solitaire if something is not done about the state of the game. But keep up your idiotic attitude it is really helping matters.
  • I would come back with my 2 accounts if
    (1) We start with true Classic
    (2) I would stay if it evolved into Shrouded Isles
  • I'd like to see an open world PvP server.
  • The game is actually very good now maybe a bit of realm balance is needed but still the best out there I’ve played the bird it is light years away from daoc ywain 2020 in everything ,excitement speed just general ease of use a new server is a complete waste of time it’s for the people who haven’t played the game in 10 years the ones who went to wow.

    Who in there right mind wants to go back to levelling that takes months who seriously wants no ability’s like charge or the old realm rank abilities they were changed for a reason they didn’t work
    Who the hell wants to walk everywhere or has to have a buff bot to compete.
    Everything in ywain today is because of a thing called evolution all that you crazed new server bellends want is a quick nostalgia fix that will fizzle in months like the bird which is losing players on a daily basis.
    You want a care bear server where you don’t have to think daoc ywain 2020 is hard it is challenging but it is where it’s at no game anywhere else has the same adrenaline and excitement as it is today.
    New server would be a massive waste of resources and would fail.
    If half of you whining bitches spent more time in the game and actually supported it instead of playing dumb made up servers the actual game experience would increase And if your gonna come back at me with any of your crap put your in game name up so we can see if you actually play the game because I would wager 75 percent of you haven’t played the game in 10 years or play the bird.
  • Denial is strong here. Or maybe it's amnesia.
    Ywain isn't popular no matter how you slice it. I have no issue with it being the way it is but I wish it was advertised and actively supported to be a competitive PvP game. Oh well.
  • Classic + SI + ToA but

    Regarding toa:
    A. Keep ToA bonuses (spell damage, etc,)
    B. Change artifacts to normal items (no scrolls, no levelling)
    C. Remove MLs

    And new frontiers, because in the other place everyone realised how crappy OF was...
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    Sorry for the bad english ;)

    General settings:

    1.) Classic+SI+Housing
    2.) Old Frontiers

    With Hibs be able to port to bolg/crim. Or something else so hibs can also join the zerg fest in emain
    more easily.Perhaps only when they own all of their keeps Plenty of other zones to choose from for 8vs8 and other playstyles.

    3.) Only 1 Realm per Account. No Timers. Its all about realm pride. No Crossrealming.
    Multiple accounts allowed but not logging more than 1 realm at a time.

    4.) Old Realm Abilities (no charge, no vanish, no sos for everyone)

    QoL 2020

    - Account balance enabled. Share the money between all chars on your realm
    Since there would be only 1 realm per account you wont be able to easy farm plats on hib
    and use the money on mid for example. This also stops ppl getting scammed when muling.

    - Consignment merchant sales now directly deposit into your account balance (or guild bank in case of guild houses)
    This prevents housing lots to be indefinetely be blocked by players that dont play anymore.

    - Let us skill all tradeskills on 1 toon.

    - Timers on Buffs

    - TWF, ST, Maelstrom only castable with los to the groundtarget.
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  • All i want is just something new and not take forever to get stuff done
  • Got to have ML's and water fights :)
  • Though the game-base is really great.......
    The game-mechanics like they are now on Ywain are simply Bullshit....
    Catering just the mental problem-cases which are jerking off while ganking the helpless..
    As it seems like that is what the gamemakers need.... go for it...... but there will not be any increase in pop....

    To bring the game to the next level there is something new needed.
    If a new server on a meaningful Patch-State is not possible then just create a new Battleground with 1.65 Ruleset.

    Between a new Server with 1.65 and a easy to implement 1.65-BG countless options are thinkable...

    The goal must be to suppress the gankers and promote the real gamer-community .
    Let the gankers squirt on each other but give also the possibility for fun again...

  • UTF8 encoding chat window please...people use french italian AND English. Why not other languages? Allowing only chat window is simple and fine ...and will boost international players
  • I don’t want a new server tho
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    I'm not sure what i would suggest is possible for BS to do but......

    Season Server- Gets a reset every 4-6months (maybe vote on this) and chars can be moved to a ywain server at the end. This would allow enough time to get 50, gear up, and hit rvr. it also would make it so it would be difficult to create a huge spread in RR and lead to uneven fights.

    Rule Set/Server Type- This would be voted on and would be based off past patches. Devs would have to make some changes/fix bugs based on stat of the game as whatever patch is voted on. This would allow the population to vote and go back to a particular point in the game that they enjoyed the most. Im not a programmer or game make but i would think opening a server that introduced the game in a past state base on a certain patch would be easier then creating a completely "new rule set/state" of the game. You will never please everyone but after each Season ends people can then again vote on a new Patch.

    I know its not very detailed or specific but im trying to be realistic. From what i can tell man power and resources are limited and recreating a new server and trying to fine tune it is impossible to begin with. I think this is a fairly good option that would add varity to the game and still allows people to play ywain and not fully lose chars that they worked on on a seasoned server.
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    It would be interesting to see how a new server would do but what effect does it have on ywain because my small guild would go play there right away and im sure there are many other guilds that would do that leaving ywain population at january 2019 levels.

    I think if they make a new server they need to stop it at Shrouded Isles with old frontiers. People like old frontiers so give them what they want. I will say it would be smart of Broadsword to include npc buff bots and let people use speed pots.

    My dream would be for a toa / new frontera server with old island but with buff pots/speed but i feel then it gets to close to ywain
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  • Enkertons wrote: »
    I don’t want a new server tho

    Da ant family - 1801 1802 1803 1805 1806 1807 1808 1809 1989
    Da fly family - 4501 4502 4503 4504 4506 4508 4509
    Da spider family - 441 442 443 444 445 447
    Ywain 1 Mid - Carlingford Hib - Tullamore Alb - Dalton
  • start out with ONE level 50 rr5

    other toons could then be leveled :)
  • It’ll be OF/Si. Here’s the kicker only potions are via the Mith store and same with speed potions. No hasteners and just the ole horses and self/group buffing....

    Don’t believe me see what they did to the EC’s
  • Honestly I don't see the poiny of a new server, not that I don't like the idea (I actually have fun starting over with friends), but how will BS manage two servers when they have troubles with one?

    Since the covid, the server lag has increased 5X. For the last two months, it felt like the server was about to explode in prime times.

    They launched 1.126 in November 2019 and we still do not have an eta on 1.127, which is basically a patch about house skins and an update to the merchant search function.

    Patches and hot fixes take months to release, with every time bringing in their fare share of bugs that take between a day and multiple weeks to fix.

    I was actually excited about a new server, but the delays on 1.127 and the fact that there are still so many bugs in the game is really making me think this new server will be an epic flop.

    They will launch a new server, that server will be plagued with bugs that will take too much time to fix. People will get tired of the bugs and leave, expediting Ywain's death.

    My 2 cents.
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    It'd be nice if they transferred characters currently existing and just wipe the realm rank. Similar to Pendragon I'd be happy.

    And keep trades and stuff. Make the transition easier than giving up 5-15 temped and ready toons
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  • If it's classic + SI, then your Ywain temp wouldn't be compatible on the new server. Transferring RR would discourage new players from joining since the whole idea is to start fresh on an even playing field. Nonetheless, a new server is very unlikely to happen with how BS timelines work.
  • We just need not so big Frontiers, DF + Laby + POC. Thats much to big for the 100-300 Players.

    Close NF, Close POC. Just let Labyrinth and DF stay on for Realmwar ! Much more Action...not that much running around doing nothing!
  • So you want a confined space to fight in while you follow herorius... Sounds about right
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