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  • Quiggley
    Hey, sorry but I was wanting a race change and wondering why it was almost double the cost of gender or name? I cannot justify like $25 for a race change, does not compute
    September 2020
  • Expfighter
    Carol do you all at BS plan ANY QOL changes that would make things easier on ALL players?
    After playing **** for a year and a 1/2 and then coming back here, I truly miss the /craftqueue, /sell item complete bag sells, account vault and many other QOL changes that made life there easier.

    I know I will probably get banned for mentioning the server that shall not be named, but I just deleted 28 lvl 50's there and am back here for the rest of my 18+ years paying and playing daoc

    May 2020
  • Borivick
    Hi, you said to PM you...I wanted to change my Forum name to Sorrowing
    February 2020
  • Namelez
    Sup carol,

    why you deleting my posts about cult member cheating?
    December 2019
  • Dreamscape
    November 2019
  • Pwntime
    Hi Carol, do you check the feedback forms? I submitted a 'Positive Feedback' today that I would like you to take a look at. If you do not look at those, how can I get that information to you directly. It is a bit lengthy but definitely good ideas to try to help grow DAoC.

    September 2019
  • Tulle
    Hey Carol, can you contact me in game it is about a appeal personly attack ?

    May 2019
  • Corey117
    Hey Carol,

    Hope you have a great day!
    February 2019
  • Rescu
    Carol, I miss our chats. I'll be on tomorrow, should you feel like dropping me a tell. Hope to hear from you.
    December 2018
  • Sovereign
    Good Morning Carol,

    I'd like to ask a general question; does Broadsword have a number threshold for an account that earns repeated bans from the official forum before they no longer are temporary? Now I wouldn't think a ban from the forum necessarily translates to a ban ingame, but I would hope at some point if a player is repeatedly banned on a steady basis that Broadsword would recognize the likelihood that the player's posts are becoming detrimental to the overall mission of the official forum.
    November 2018
  • Sovereign
    Good Morning Carol,

    Thank you for the Halloween treat! ;)
    November 2018
  • Sleepwell
    I've seen this asked before on the forum. Is there a way to completely block posters (on my side)? Their post, everything? I appreciate the time invested in these forums, but i get tired of the same rhetoric. Its destructive and pointless imo.
    October 2018
  • Shamissa
    @xyorman, like I said before it's silly that a small comment you make about Nate, they take as a personal attack, while he can attack /insults others mids mostly I have seen and it seems to be normal, none of his posts or videos has
    October 2018
  • Xyorman
    Any particular reason you will answer some questions and not others?
    October 2018
  • Xyorman

    I am very surprised that Nates video's stay up as posted, the audio is profane and insulting; should at least delete the audio if that is all possible.
    August 2018
  • Renshai
    hey it is back again
    August 2018
  • Shamissa
    Hey Carol its me Cordydone hun, can you please help me with this? I can probably get in game or something? this is really frustrating I can explain you all.
    June 2018
  • DaRedANT
    Heya Carol.
    April 2018