Where is the patch?

Why is there no update about a patch that was supposed to be released in March? It’s June now. There need to be some balance tweaks and we literally don’t hear anything about the patch. Transparency is a very important value to keep customers happy unless you guys do not care about your customers. @Carol_Broadsword @John_Broadsword


  • It's July now. Not June.
  • What the hell happened to June?
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  • Got ganked.
  • The last patch unleashed the PBAOE revamp and well EC lite.
    What’s the giant rush other then OP attempting to troll?
  • Population it is for me.
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    I heard it was meant to be out in March but due to the Covid19 outbreak it's been set back till July. However it could be set back even more as Broadsword are such a small team and setting time frames aren't their strong point.
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  • Lol Solic their patch doesnt have anything to do with Covid 19....it has with your wallet if you whiling to pay them. Otherwise friend , keep waiting and waiting. Glad i closed all my accounts. Plus they dont even say nada to the customers if “hello folks i am sorry the patch are late and such”, they just keep going.
  • There has been no official word regarding why the patch was delayed that I'm aware of. Then again, sometimes they count Discord / Twitch as "official" responses to these types of questions. Grade A communication skills I must say.
  • Patch caught da virus.
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  • Everybody understands that there can be a delay. However, maybe they could balance some stuff in the meantime or at least release an official statement on what’s the hold up. Transparency is key and shows customers that they actually care.
  • "the patch [1.127] is later this year" - @Carol_Broadsword
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    "the patch [1.127] is later this year" -Carol_Broadsword, aka "constable paddy biehbien of the bentsword local community Enforcement force "
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  • Dale_Perf wrote: »
    "the patch [1.127] is later this year" - @Carol_Broadsword

    Eh? So patch 1.127 could be out in the Autumn?

  • Solicfear1 wrote: »
    Dale_Perf wrote: »
    "the patch [1.127] is later this year" - @Carol_Broadsword

    Eh? So patch 1.127 could be out in the Autumn?

    She mentioned that in Discord sometime in March or February I think. Perf is just turning the knife at this point. :p
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