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  • lol most of these quests worked years ago, I was here when SI came out as well as the others (minotaur xpack killed the game) this game never had probs this bad before
  • so since I cant get at my 50 I started a druid, level 7 quest "saving Zarees" its bugged to hell as well and cant be finished, maybe you might wanna fix all this simple crap before pushing the game to new players, if a game with this many bugs was …
  • hmm bugs bugs everywhere,ok so went to log onto ywain2 and now wont let me even have a realm choice and have not played for hours so cant be a realm timer, some1 please tell me wth is going on
  • moved my 50 animist from lancelot to ywain2 and now it does not exist. checked lance and not there. maybe should change /freexfer to/freexferandpray
  • I have quests from a BG I cant even get back into and it wont let me get rid of them
  • holly crap soo many quests are broken and yet the game wont even let you drop a broken quest
  • yes they have it all worked out, logged in got my 5 year token, didnt get any gear though dont know why, did they take that part away?
  • I didnt think I asked such a hard question, I just wanna run around and see if the games worth spending on again, I have 14 level 50s spread on the 3 realms, easier to go everywhere with 1 of them then a level 5 or what ever I can make fast with a n…
  • just a auto response then nothing
  • I sent but not gotten a reply yet
  • well I am talking about 10 years ago lol, is it still there?
  • not even a choice when I try to log on, just says closed account
  • I have looked all over the account manage pages and still find nothing, my old account has bought all the xpacks and would rather use it then start a new 1
  • I come from an age before mythic sold out, zergs where around but 1 zerg would run into another, this accounts from 03 when it was 400 or more on a pvp map fighting over a keep.tower or roaming in hoards hunting for other hoards, I remember a player…