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  • From what I tested this has no impact on pve at all. I was doing the same damage with the buff on and with it off.The reduced 25% dps only applied to pvp from what I experienced. My crit shots for exampled capped at 933 when I had the buff on and in…
  • Last week was the first time I’ve logged into the game in a very long time. The main reason I left the game was due to assassin revamp which is another story altogether. My main concern at the moment is archers in the current state of the game. I ha…
  • I tested the damage on my scout and there was little to no difference damage wise during pve. Damage wise each of the shots had the same exact damage either with the buff or without it. However, during pvp I noticed a substantial change when I didn'…
  • Not sure if this is intended or a bug, but my scout was not able to equip a weapon in the 2 handed slot. I don' t know if this applies to other classes.
  • @Fateboi, I have a lot of experience playing an archer just haven't played one in a very long time. I also haven't really played since the last assassin revamp so a year I think? It very well could be the template I'm using, but out of all the crit …
  • Interesting patch notes so far. I'm interested to see if the pbaoe changes will go live. I also really like update to the free kings armor. This gives new/returning players a chance to get into rvr quickly and have a halfway decent chance. Bringing …
  • I was wondering with the change to envenom could wild power be introduced again?