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  • Siege Towers :
    If I read the patch notes correctly, I understand that some changes might not have been put into place, but the time duration for putting up a siege tower should have doubled. Our testing found this not to be the case. Maybe we were more focused on the amount of time the ram was taking to destroy the front door, but the time did not seem like it was 8 minutes for the siege tower to build.
  • @John_Broadsword - the animation for Song of Sorcerous Reach on Minstrel is not accurate on the spirit aegis Necro Pet (it's enormous for the model of the pet itself)
  • Rescu wrote: »
    Tents :

    As a non-bg based sieger on all realms.

    The tent locations pre-patch for ram deployment on the outer mean't at Beno you had to deploy the ram like 1k units from the front door - driving it around the keep to the door ment a) certain death or b) dead ram before it got to the door.

    Crau/Bled you could deploy the ram based on existing Tent location very close to the door no problems.

    I understand what you are saying - this limited other offensive siege (treb/palltinones etc) to a small area and this is possibly the reason you see ppl treb down and or melee back wall only during primetimes.

    More alternative suggestion:
    - Increase radius for tents by double (maintain existing locations)
    - Move Inner towers back to positions oppositeish the Outer Gate - Rather than closest to EV Bridge.

  • Shades of mist - when shades is used on pendragon my classic figures ranger appears in the catacombs model now. Please fix
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    I spend the last 5 hours making every bountycraft item on Mid. Best I can tell there are only three remaining bugs for mid's bountycraft.

    1) Ymir's Otherworldly Hardy Cloak (Mid) creates Otherworldly Mighty Eyes (Hibernia/Leather)
    2) Jerkin of Demonic Dreams (Mid/Studded) is listed as Jerkin of Demonic Intent in the Bountycraft List (There are two Jerkin of Demonic Intent, the correct one and the incorrectly labeled one)
    3) Arcane Sash of the Vigilant is incorrectly named Arcane Belt of the Vigilant in the bountycraft window.
    Adept Belt of the Vigilant is incorrectly named Adept Sash of the Vigilant in the bountycraft window.

    Non Bug Issues:

    1) There is no way to know when crafting shields if it is small/medium/large until it is crafted. This is because there is no info in the delve window of the recipe, the large/small/medium is shown when hovering over the item after crafting or right clicking after crafted. Right clicking the bounty recipe just says
    "Item Name
    Level 50
    0 Skill
    I would just add something to the name in the bountycraft window for
    snowpearl, cursed buckler, Basalt/Brimstone Shields, and Pictslayer shields that denotes the size.

    While you guys are at making the crafting lists more user friendly I have a recommendation (workflow/time permitting).
    Add more info to the delve screens for SI/Dragonsworn crafted armor (+5 dex cap, +15 dex, 10 AF, ect), dragonsworn weapons, legendary weapons (damage type), and dragonsworn shields.
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  • Rescu wrote: »
    Rams :
    Couple things I’ve found on the rams while testing out the new designs.

    When I jumped on the ram to control it, I found my screen locked. The screen would not unlock until the ram reached the door. I have asked other warlords if they too had the problem and some said yes, some said no. Not sure if this is a bug or intended, but if it was to be this way I would think everyone would have seen it. Can you verify if you should be able to pan your camera while moving the ram.

    Rams are doing slightly less damage. I can understand this doing less damage, but also even being a WL, the ram speed was very slow. If this is the way things are going to be, WL’s are not going to want to be WL’s anymore. Granted we had limited numbers with us, but it took more than 15 minutes to break down the outer door. For a CK that helped to lock the relic, the inner took over 15 minutes as well. So speed and damage if we could adjust it a bit.

    You should be able to camera pan while moving ram. Sounds like a bug.
  • I was wondering with the change to envenom could wild power be introduced again?
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