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  • LMAO snail, My kobie is a little thick lol. I really want the Directionally Challenged title. I think Catsfriend and myself should have this.
  • Lol
  • This was me when i started calling luris nuggets. I had been chasing squirrels for so long that i decided it was time for a new name. Think i played 18 hours that day pushing rr12.
  • Nugget.. i love it. Everytime i see some1 use that phrase i get a chuckle. Never thought it would stick. I love killing me some chicken nuggets. I will pull off from my group just to kill a nugget.
  • Lmao. I didnt even notice since we rolling people right and left. Was fun fights. I hope the fights stay and we dont get super out numbered. We decided to form up a bit later so we dont get zerged down by the 60 to 80 man. Either way EJ is here to s…
  • Yeah some funny ones for sure would be cool. AND to let you guys know im a perfect driver.. Those are AFK i cant help if a certain trolls hips are a little wide. Nah I pick on my awesome buddies. Im glad you guys stuck around. I would r…
  • I agree Kelt. I love this game to much to leave it right now. I did enjoy those fights on HT. My guys are getting better by the day and our numbers are still great. I do hate the fact that we lost so many to the game we shall not name. Dont worry, w…
  • I want missed a rock and tree this week title..lmao
  • Lol... to bad i didnt get to see his comment for the edit
  • Well that's it for us.. Not getting Hero zerged anymore.. Good luck guys and gals
  • Lol Amp. Dont leave safe path without him. I actually have more than 1 following me incase he
  • Lol.. you guys never saw me hide in nott..if only i had more than 4 with me. Lol You guys better be ready for tonight. I sent out the memo and lets see who all shows up for the take down on
  • Holy hib zerg this morning.
  • I agree with you arm. I would even pay a crap ton of bps to just get one essence of supremacy. Lol. The wasted time farming 5k omni regen. 5k tenacity etc just for 2 sup essence is nutts. Bring on the bp merchant to offer this. Some of us run rvr an…
  • Yeah i agree. It was a timing issue thats all. Its happened to us many times this week. I wish as long as GK is on fire the keep would stay GK just for hard work thats put into it.
    in Character Comment by Jenini January 2019
  • Impounded you make me laugh at your post and GIfs hehehe
  • LMAO, You guys are so funny.. Yeah guess you guys got tired of my Tower camp.. It was so much fun fighting you guys. Last night was so slow it was kinda crazy that we couldn't find any1 but you guys. Even then it was hard finding you guys. Hope toni…
  • OMG the power drains are crazy. Even with my power font and power charges I get 1 cast off and poof I'm on empty again.
  • Yeah I started running them at Trelle and other areas. I'm doing good now as long as Saki doesn't find me. lol
  • Nice. Yeah at one point I think I had all them on me. lol. I figured the bonus would have been a lot higher. Hope todays fights are just as fun.
  • This is our
  • Yeah was super fun. I tried locking you guys down with dots and disease but hell there was so many. Lol. The challenge is what makes good fights.
  • Im going to have to do that i guess then. I usually farm forward camp but man it takes forever now. Plus im usually running my guild around after 6pm central time till we fall out the chairs. Kelt i might have to check out the soli areas one d…
  • Thx clumsy
  • Thx Carol and Thx guys. OK maybe I was just not lucky today..LOL
  • Yeah he said i think i killed your i tried looking for you but only found your corpse. That was fun fight at berk. Its always a pleasure fighting you guys. Im glad we have set groups that run daily. Your group, creapers, and babys group …
  • Yeah it is. I like the new change though. I think it will be more fun for you. Now we just need to get Amp/couple more and oh dear lord at the trouble we can make.
  • Lol. I got alot of rps off Amp too.
  • Thx Creaper.. Alot of those rps are from fighting your group or groups. FUN fights.. see you on the battlefield
  • Siambra wrote: » Way to go I know that you worked hard to achieve your goal. Your guild members are wicked funny. I admire how helpful they are and have laughed at the jokes and comments. Celebrate !! Thanks hun Love the bunny …
  • Thx Chronic, Some people will never change no matter what.. Once a bad apple is always a bad apple.
  • [removed] To the other people that commented. Thx, I really appreciate it and the help
  • LOL.. You were determined to get that Gryphon knight.. To funny
  • Thanks, Was lots of fun pushing rps this week. Glad you guys could help with my ding. If it wasn't for everyone roaming in EV with me it would've been a long long road. So thanks again for the teamwork Sorry Kel, I know you wanted to be the one…
  • Siambra wrote: » @ Jenini wrote: » Yep that's it I just found it so I wont be saying the P word anymore hehehehehe LOL.. true true
    in Events Comment by Jenini January 2019
  • SO back to topic I want to see some more events that will include laby or Caledonia. Even lower level bgs would be great. If you have an idea on EVENTs please let us know as I hope we can maybe get something in the works with BS. Or at least give th…
    in Events Comment by Jenini January 2019
  • OMG, I love chasing Chicken Nuggets ( little luri's)..... and yes Amp Sweet baby rays is OMG awesome
    in Events Comment by Jenini January 2019
  • Yeah I saw Carols post now.. Had no clue until now. Sleepwell my buddy showed me the post so now I know what to look out for and what not to say. Thx Sleep
    in Events Comment by Jenini January 2019
  • LoL, I know right. I would be sooo mad. 800k away form ding
    in Events Comment by Jenini January 2019
  • Yep that's it I just found it so I wont be saying the P word anymore hehehehehe
    in Events Comment by Jenini January 2019
  • Yeah but I don't say bad things or put any1 down so im clueless but ok whatever I guess. Reading back I think its because I mentioned a game by name and I think as from what I read I cant do that. Never said anything bad just that I wanted to find a…
    in Events Comment by Jenini January 2019
  • Well I got my first post edited and have no clue why. Now I'm clueless to what I might have said Unless it has to do with me mentioning another certain game that is out. Not really sure so I sent a message to carol and John trying to figure it out.…
    in Events Comment by Jenini January 2019
  • Yes, you can get your gear at king every 5 levels. Good for leveling up. I sent you a private message about our guild and hope I answered all your questions that you need help with. Welcome back to the game and hope to see you and your friend on the…
  • LMAO Muylae….. Kel does say 20 bucks is 20 bucks...LOL
    in Events Comment by Jenini January 2019
  • Yes the action has been great for the ghost keep just wish we could help bring back some of the old school fun places. Laby qas so much fun for stealthers and it was also fun hitting up nethuni south. Its a shame its si dead in there now. I cant wai…
    in Events Comment by Jenini January 2019