Patch 1.125 Test Events


Feedback and testing on Patch 1.125 has been amazing thus far and we're confident we're headed in the right direction. We have some adjustments and updates to 1.125 coming to Pendragon this week that we think you'll be very happy with!

We'd also like to ask for your help participating in a couple of organized and targeted play-tests on Pendragon in the coming days and weeks!

  • On Wednesday, October 24th, starting at 3PM EST / 9PM CET we invite you to come help us test the new keep-siege dynamics, race/gender/name change system, bountycraft, and anything else we have time for! We will especially need groups on all realms to attack/defend keeps of various levels.
  • On Sunday, November 4th, starting at 2PM EST / 8 PM CET we'd like you to join us in Molvik and put the battleground's new dynamic keep changes to the test! We'll need a mix of each realm to siege and defend the center keep and its new objectives.
  • In thanks, we will have many giveaways for Mithril throughout each play-test event!

Please keep your eyes peeled here or on the forums for any other events that get announced!

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