Set piece oversights

Based on today's grab bag information i feel like its necessary to raise some questions/concerns about imbalances between counterparts (stealther's) as it relates to set piece stats and templates.

Based on the stats - it appears the hunter set piece may of had some oversights. Please see attached google spreadsheet for a comparison between the 3 sets.

As you can see, the hunter set piece is missing 3 pierce from the set and a defensive bonus that's typically found on the chest piece (ie. myth evade, etc).

It's illogical and i cant think of a valid reason for the hunter set piece to only have 7 pierce, while the scout/ranger has 10% in addition to a defensive bonus.

Can we get a comment on this/fix before the next patch similar to the infil set?


  • Not sure if an oversight, but only having 2% on an item makes it difficult to round out to 5%

    Petition to get these items changed to minimum 5%
  • Nice catch!
  • Honestly, for whatever reason, it's easier to work the set gear on a hunter and still get all the good charges (10 mele resist, ow boon, dream conq boon, 250 alb, and disarm/som/class cloak) and top tier stats/template. That is impossible as far as I know on a ranger. Not quite for sure on a scout. I have seen some nice templates with all the set gear on a scout, but didn't look in depth enough to see what all the charges were.

    The op is correct but why is it so much easier to template in set gear on a hunter vs a ranger, especially if the ranger set gear has better stats?
  • i don't see what way a ranger is more difficult to template as compared to hunter.. its easier.. since you can use a more optimal belt...

    yes you require +cd, but you also get an extra weapon slot - making up for any TOA holes, no to mention if you run two leggies... You also run OW cloak ion your template for the fumble.. which isn't possible on a hunter due to not being optimal with 1 wep.. and no way to get +11 stealth and still have all the other things necessary.

    i made a ranger template thats the same as my hunter template using basically the exact same items... it just has more flexibility due to the 10 pierce on the template...

    to me this is an oversight... no to mention we get safe fall... lol
  • I have access to a hunter template that uses all set gear, has great stats, and has all the charges. I also thought it would be easier on ranger with the 2nd weapon but nobody could seem to do it.
  • i have one posted on daocutils, that does exactly the same thing as my hunter temp, but better... with that being said... it's irrelevant... should have 10 pierce on the set.
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    Yah, I said in my original reply that you were correct in your statement. I was just commenting that it's weird that rangers can't get as good of a template as the hunter with am extra weapon and more pierce.

    On a side note, what is your hunter and ranger templates listed under on daocutils? Would like to check em out. I would love to get set gear in my template. I had all the pieces but nobody could make it work for 200p so I went with another without set pieces and sold the set stuff.

    Edit: Checked em out. Not bad. I don't think I will retemplate over either of em, but not bad nonetheless.
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  • It's all about preference - set piece isn't just about the set bonus, but the better procs overall. With that being said, ranger/scout have a defensive proc on there chest, compared to safe fall (not a big deal just an observation)... but most importantly the hunter set is missing a toa bonus.. 3% pierce... in comparison. Since the infil set was an oversight, it wouldn't be out of the question for this to also be a oversight.

  • Thanks, this'll get rectified :)
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  • I would trade cc for safefall! Then i could use a different mith!
  • The Berserker set has 5% spell pierce as well for some temp works just fine, but what is the purpose of the spell pierce?

  • Runemaster Set and Warlock set have 5% Spell Pierce Spiritmaster set does not though.
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    No thought was put into sets its pretty bad they have to wait till players correct them to correct stats on items on a campaign that was released over a year ago.
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  • submit a report comparing the set pieces to there counterparts/similar sets within there realm.. they made oversights.... i can't believe it took this long for a thread to be made tbh, but i didnt play since they were rleased until 3 weeks ago, so yea.
  • Based on the choices they made regarding rr5's, I just figured it was done on purpose. /shrug
  • There have been similar posts and threads on pc in the past iirc.
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