Vamps Again...

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I want @Carol_Broadsword to chime in on this because it's literally insane. Read this post and then tell me yes or know if you think this class has gotten out of hand thanks to OP gear.

Straight up the class is broken. Vamps have always been a tough fight but they used to be manageable and I would have a 40% chance vs good vamps which is fair. With the OP gear creep they have gotten completely out of control. Most vamps are now running 7-10% Conversion in their templates, combined with their Loyalty Cloak charge and either 20% conversion proc on freezing chest, or if they don't use that, their template has 5/6 pieces that have a 230 heal proc on them AND everything else capped (I know because I've made a vamp temp just to see if it could all be fit in there and it can).

How can you kill a Vamp when you hit them with their 50%+ magic or melee resists, with 5 pieces of armor that proc 350 heals all the while your damage is so mitigated you might as well not use melee attacks for fear of their heals out-healing the last 2-3 attacks you landed?

On top of that I can powerleak a vamp 10 times in a fight and they still have enough power to spam all (literally all) of their spells and get the pet up 2-3 times after I kill it. I've also had plenty of fights where I am powerleaking 4-5 times in a row, without a vamp hitting me AT ALL, and they are claw spamming the entire 4-5 rounds of combat and beyond...

Of course there are a handful of other OP classes in the game that need some tweaking but they don't bother me as much as vamps
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  • yeah vamps are ridiculous, they are like the tankiest class and have the most dmg lol

    basicly a heavy tank with charge and insta close range dd's that hit like casters non stop

    my wizard fights vamps and I pbaoe for like 150, they clawl me 350-400 and they can do it like over 10x on inc nonstop no problem

    think snoop clawed me 426 a few times in a row once, I don't think my wizard nukes anyone that high with single target 209 delve nuke, as well as melee going, and like 90% resists lol
  • True the vamp need to be look at , also they really dont need a pet. They tanking way too mutch and claw spawn are horribly op .
  • Dem vamps where always great vs casters, only class they could eat Locks when they where fotm few years back.

    Problem is exactly what OP said, its items and procs.

    Balance is pretty screwed atm, more about items and uses/procs than ever.

    Really think broadsword struggle with the basics of class balancing, sometimes you make thing too complex and just fails to work.
  • ya I seen lot of melees 1v1 for like 20 mins and both is 90%+ hp, it is truly stupid
  • Oh, I think most people would agree that the new gear has created some balance issues for sure. Whether its vamps having insane heals, assassins having ip in charge form, or classes like a valk/pally/tic now having even more survivability. It has made fights, in general, last much longer.

    The only problem is that at this point they will have to look at adjusting some of these classes abilities to try and mitigate these problems, because if they start altering the stats on gear that will upset alot of people that will need to retemplate.

    The extra frustrating part for me was that they increased hp cap and put in these powerful heal charges and procs AFTER they took out stacking albalatives. Seemed counterintuitive.
  • @RonELuvv

    Adjusting class abilities just because some /uses and stats made some classes a bit op? Makes no sense for me at all. For vamps it would mean that they just alter the spec, 48 dementia may be the cookiecutter, but isn`t the only viable spec.

    Havn`t seen much solo vamps flying around and i don`t play a vamp in rvr, so i don`t care.
    But adjusting class abilities that could add more imbalance, bugs etcetc to the game....
  • A easy start is get rid of the pet and lower the delve on claw or slow claw casting speed
  • So addressing Vamp specifically here and leaving other classes alone. point A: On fights lasting longer, I love it, that as a singular concept is great, I love long fights when RA's and /uses get used multiple times, it means there is balance in that fight, there is a struggle for gains the advantage, and then recovers. This, is where true skill shines and wins out. To maintain proper positioning thru a 15 min fight, 1v1, 8v8, ZvZ, and survive, is a sign of skill. Point B: For Vamps, yes, some of their items have made them a bit unbalanced in the 8v8 game, and I can legit see them as pretty OP in the 1v1 game. In 8v8, the easiest thing to do, is CC them out, they can't get Det, and they have to purchased Charge, which means only R8+ Can have decent charge and purge, and still sacrifice other damaging RA's. Which was the point of the pet, the pet is supposed to un-CC the vamp. I think it should be looked at so that it works more like a Ceremonial bracers and less like a chanter pet that can go rupt and do decent damage. For the claw, I think there is some misunderstanding on it, the claw is not insta, it is casted, and keeping a claw going, and mainting buffs is a chore. I would put this as comparable to back in the day barding, having to twist, pick up loot, secondary heal, and still win mezz. Its not easy, and sometimes choices have to be made. The last bit is more target at 8v8 play, in 1v1, it does seem a bit easier to make those choices, i.e. you fighting a caster, and already closed the gap, means you don't have to worry about putting any resists up, if your fighting melee, only keep melee resists up. How we can balance, I'm not even sure there is a good answer for that...
  • @Staticc- I agree that I personally enjoy the longer fights and I have adjusted to the gear fine, but was just pointing out that some of these issues comes from this new gear. Was also pointing out that it was very odd to make a direct change to make fights shorter (removal of stack albalatives) and then turn around and add tons of gear with heal charges/procs and increase hp cap.
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    heal procs and increase hp cap is a great change from ablatives, because they are always up for everyone

    you can no longer be a nerd and go chill In some water for 30 mins putting like 6 ablatives up and go fight someone with 0 and make fun of them

    least now its a lot more fair, altho it caused another super lame problem of 20 min fights between melees that don't go below 90% hp, but you know who is retarded and we cant expect any change to ever come that isn't aswell
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  • @RonELuvv Heal charges I'm okay because that is a timer (I know its a small one, but none the less a conscious choice), Also HP Cap I agree with Hue's point. The heal procs I think are the real bugger, because it is mathematically possible to get a proc on every swing and never die (Probability is very low, but still a mathematically possible) and that is what can push a fight from a fun 5-10 min into a 20 min screaming fit at your monitor "Y WONT YOU DIE, Y U DO DIS TO MEH!!!!"
  • Oh I am quite aware of how pesky those heal procs can be. Just the other day I did a side stun on a zerker and after that attack and 2 more while he was stunned he came out of the stun with more life then before I stunned him. 3x heal procs in a row!!
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    Remove heal bonus for all classes. Bump casted heals 25%

    Code Omni procs/regen to not gain power for vamp.
    (Add rr5 group DA to return power again)
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  • remove their damn pet, so stupid. Nerf and timer claw. Remove perma stealthlore. fix item/gear uses. fixed.
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