Scripting & Macroing IS against the official COC!

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And here is the quote from the present Daoc Code of conduct:

"13. Use any scripting or macroing tools, hardware or software.

14. Use any game hacking/altering/cheating software or tools. Use of these types of programs will result in immediate termination of the Account and may subject you to civil and/or criminal liability."



Please Broadsword: act!
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  • I don't think they ever specified which programs were ok.

    But you definitely can use scripts/macros for 1 toon.

    You can't have 1 button controlling actions for multiple toons. (You can play 2 toons in RvR, assuming you are not controlling both of them this way)
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  • We actually updated this in a Producer's Letter a few years back:
    2) We will no longer be enforcing against multi-keybind software or hardware that allow for multiple actions per keystroke per character. An example would be setting up a 'macro' that allows your "w key" to cast both disease and a heal spell. This is a common feature on most gaming keyboards and mice and is something we'd like to add native support for in-game in the future. In effect, using this hardware or software will no longer be a violation.
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  • This is a common feature on most gaming keyboards and mice and is something we'd like to add native support for in-game in the future.

    Looking forward this, how far on the planning ? :)
  • RvR, running more than one toon, in rvr, or battle grounds, is allowable then with the hotkey programs? Or is this ONLY for a single toon, and if just for a single toon, will there be enforcement? Been running into a lot of tower fights where the healer class is inside on auto spam so any damage you do to those outside, is litigated as soon as you do it
  • Only for single in RvR. While people can run 2 toons (max) in RvR, both must be controlled 100% manually with no hardware or software involved. Not even to tab between, etc.
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  • Just curious on the producer letter - what's considered a non-trial macro group? It would be good to clear some stuff up on this because running multiple characters is a lot of fun but nobody wants to really violate any rules i hope, and the letter is unclear on a lot of stuff:

    We can assume group of all free accounts would qualify, but what about a mix of sub/free accounts in the group? Is there a ratio? Is there a size threshold to the group? Is this a group where all characters are controlled from 1 piece of hardware?

    Also, assuming there's no enforcement on multi-button keystrokes per the earlier discussion, isn't the following technically fair game anywhere?
    step 1) 4 characters, 4 computers, 1 person
    step 2) arrange keyboards in arms reach
    step 3) execute each multi-button command on the individual keyboards to control the characters individually.

    Each keyboard has a (the same) person controlling it in this case, and they are all separate keyboards/computers controlling individual characters with no alt tabbing.

    Let's walk through an example with 2 tanks, a healer, and a caster. Call foul wherever!

    Everybody sticks to Tank #1. This is done by pushing a hotkey on each keyboard to tell them to stick. It's a fancy hotkey so it also has them sprint. While sprinting along we encounter a group of enemies.

    Tank #1 is setup with its own macros for style chains and stuff. These are executed form Tank #1's keyboard/mouse. Tank #1 walks in, controlled by the player, with the other 3 characters following on stick and attacks something.

    Tank #2 is setup with a hotkey to assist Tank #1, stick, and style chain 100 times. While Tank #1 is charging in, the player gets Tank #2's keyboard and executes this key. The player then swivels the chair back to Tank #1's Keyboard to more actively manage Tank #1.

    Healer is setup with several hotkeys, but they each target a specific group member and heal. When the tanks get low health, the player gets healer's keyboard and uses these buttons to heal and then goes back to Tank #1's keyboard.

    Caster is setup to assist Tank #1 and cast various spells depending on the the hotkey. While fighting, some monsters add so the player gets Caster's keyboard and uses a button to assist / AE mez and then goes back to Tank #1's keyboard.

    For some extra context: All 4 monitors are visible at all times, and all 4 characters can respond to chat or be taken over for micromanagement at any moment in the scenario.
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