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Loved seeing all of the people (yes even the alb zerg). I came back a little later in the week because of work. Even with the buffs I give a group it's been really hard to get/make a group. If you are lucky to get in a group and you get 1 shot. Before everyone says suck it up..I'd like to propose a solution. Just have the newly created character be 10 levels lower than the max for the day. You'll still be behind on the bps/rps/ etc. Better to lower the bonus you give to a group and increase your chance to get a group? Thanks... still having fun dying. I'll be the grey running around with other greys so don't afk in cali or we will eventually....................... kill you!!!
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    The event is supposed to be for new/returning players but they are the ones at the most significant disadvantage (dont know anyone, can't play the 10 hours/day to get ahead and have every advantage).

    Zergs give the least RP (overwhelming force), so you can't just say "if you're bad or learning, just join the zerg".

    The event attracts the hard core gamers that's for sure, because they can get ahead and make bank. But for many of us casuals and maybe DAOCers, am I really going to win vs a set group of 8 r10's in templates and we have 6 50's untemplated and 2 40's who haven't played in 10 years? The cap for this event should be 10m bp earned on all realms, or idk, 8m rp on all realms/account. or something. New/returning players have been saying this sucks all day and just quitting game.

    If you group more than 1 lowbie, or more than 1 person who is not a DAOC regular, you will do poorly. I have been in groups all weekend (post 50) where we have made 20k or less an hour, with many deaths. Caledonia was never supposed to be "the rich get richer". If you don't stop making this a leet group playground (rp cap/bp cap) it will not serve its intended purpose.
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  • The event is still an easier way to gain RR and BPs for templates than playing in NF. I think they could definitely polish it more, but most of the fundamental complaints I've seen on this forum and in Discord are about the inability to compete. This has less to do with any rank or template disparity and more to do with understanding of game mechanics. DAoC is not a casual friendly game. There's a steep learning curve and it's inherently more competitive because it's a PvP focused MMO. There's little the devs can do to change that without removing what makes DAoC unique among other MMOs.

    Regarding the "anti-zerg" mechanic (overwhelming forces), quest completion by landing deathblows will net you more XP/BP/RP than kills alone. The incentive to not zerg is extremely low as a result. Without a PvP (Mordred style) event, there's really no way to prevent one sided zerging from dominating the event. This sucks for Hib because they've been consistently outnumbered since the first event. This is a bigger detriment to any new/returning player because skill can be outweighed by numbers. Ironically, the most casual friendly type of RvR is the most damaging when there's a population imbalance.
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