Unanswered bug abuse on EV

Another bug abuser who is free to shoot characters within the "Safe zone" on EV (Alb).
Dreamhans has been appealed by multiple people but still stands free to abuse.uyu031a83328.jpg

Broadsword, please do something about this, I'm sure i'm not the only person who thinks this ruins the game.

I do have faith so I hope to see something done to prevent this from reoccuring time and time again.


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    i assume 1 of your 7 scouts zephyrs' is why he keeps getting sent up there...
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    Holy crap can we just remove archers from the game?

    And lol @ Chinese farmer spamming chat selling gold
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    i assume 1 of your 7 scouts zephyrs' is why he keeps getting sent up there...

    That is exactly the reason, no bugusing...just zephyr.
  • If it were intended to be a 100% safe, they would put those insta kill guards like they have at the border keeps. That being said, if you are zephyr'd up there and stay up there continuing to take advantage of that bug you are breaking the rules and probably can be subject to some punishment.
  • I got warned for being up there I was zephyred up died went back and blur up. This was a while back and I killed numerous people. So IDK
  • they want to ban their players, make them angry and not be able to play the game they pay for and rob the enjoyment of other paying customers aswell by taking them offline

    rather then easily fix a problem they made, its very confusing logic to me
  • It is not allowed to be in an enemy safe port location. Should you get zephyred up there, you should move away from there once zephyr ends.
    Please remember that the best way to inform us about violations is to open an /appeal ingame, and not the forums. Also, keep in mind that for many issues, actions taken are incremental, and not everything results in an immediate account termination. Just because you see the player again does not mean they have not been punished. They may have simply already served their sentence.

    The logic here is simple: Don't violate the rules, if you do, you risk being punished for it. If you are being punished for it, you might end up not being able to play for a while, or even get your account terminated.

    As for the gold spammers, please appeal them as well. We know they are annoying, and we keep handling them, but it's a whack-a-mole thing and appealing them actually helps a lot! A big thank you to everyone who helps us battling them!
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  • Yeppers, I was zyphyred up there and kinda sad that all of you had just as much of a chance to kill little old me and couldn't.. qq
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