1.127B Pendragon Test-Server Patch Notes

The Pendragon test server is now open for testing!

All tracked bugs on Pendragon should now be resolved with this update and barring any additional issues or feedback 1.127 will be going to the live servers next week!

Important Note:
We highly suggest duplicating your game directory and using the duplicate copy as a Pendragon-only game directory *before* patching and testing on Pendragon.

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  • I like the change/nerf on the Pally/Skald/Bard buffs.
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  • DaRedANT wrote: »
    I like the change/nerf on the Pally/Skald/Bard buffs.

    So this removes the skald/bard/pally buffbots from the game.. Why are they not treated like normal concentration buff bots that folks use. (ex the 5,000 unit limit not applicable)
  • KoeKoe
    edited August 2020 PM
    RIP Skald/bard buffbots:)

    Casted buffs are either chant and close range or duration (CL). Its only stat/haste/hard crack buffs that work zone wide. The curse set (16 delve) version of these chants are still very useful for allowing groups to mix up what classes they run. So I used this for sure, but removing it will probably make it so skalds/pallies have a slightly higher chance of getting a group. Bards are still out of luck:)
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  • Yep glad to see those buffs put on range. Didn't make sense they nerfed main buffers resists to chants than gave chant classes casted resist buff 0.o
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  • Sounds like the Bain debuff is gonna go through. RIP.
  • Nothing about stormlord on NS.
    Will you keep stormlord on NS? So, the realm (hib), which is the reason for the stormlord changes, will keep a class that can climb and push away the storms!?!?!?
  • can bards get there resist buff back to group?
  • Friar nerf? Was this needed?
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  • Sym wrote: »
    Friar nerf? Was this needed?

    Oh absolutely.. All those OP staff friars out there really needed it
  • so friar-cleric-pally-minny-sorc and what :)
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