What is happening with Catacombs and Labyrinth zones?

I'm a returning player and one of the first things I noticed is I can't go play two of the expansions. I had to have an admin advance me through the epic quest of a new character I was playing with my kid because it took me to Catacombs. I was told they were offline for an upgrade but that was months ago. I can't find anything about this on the forums or recent patch notes.

When if ever will Catacombs and Labyrinth be returning?


  • Catacombs have been closed for like 2 years now. It started with the "new" Jack Frost instance with new Freezing gear. I think it was a decision by Broadsword to keep the population less spread-out. I heckin' miss exploring catacombs like crazy... But there has been no recent news whether they will open those zones back up. I think it's mainly a lack of population thing
  • You can definitely get to the laby
  • You can still get into the Lab through the portals near each realms ruined maze in NF.

    At this point I don't see why the catacombs are not reopened though. For those that like to PvE the catacombs had a lot of unique stuff. Simply turn aurulite drops off and open it back up. I don't think the community wants a revamped PvE zone at this point, just open what we already had.
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    While being in an active small PVP guild I was primarily a PvE player. I enjoy the exploration and discovering, not the surge, die and repeat of PvP. I understand that is DAoC's strength though so I bit my tongue when the mods happen that nerf PvE, but I paid for that content and I enjoy it. Cat has some of the game's most beautiful graphics.
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  • I wish the aurulite was back, the low level shields hat more stats than the bg ones
  • This should be opened. I really enjoyed catacombs.
  • I really miss those zones and the quests.
  • I agree - those zones were great!
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  • All they have to do is refresh the loot tables every so many years. Phase out the rotten rog drops and filter in decent rog and an epic rog with a low drop rate and add new quest chains worth doing for "templateable" gears.
  • Listen to the people - they will guide you..
  • Is Catacombs gone? Or was it retooled into the Curse campaign? Hmm...
  • Some people say you can still get to Catacombs...
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    Yes, the zones technically still exist, but that kind of misses the point . . .

    If you enjoyed any of the content that used to be there, it's pretty much all gone. It's also broken a lot of quests that are still in the game, including some of the epics, and effectively removed most of an expansion that some players remember fondly from the game.
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  • I really do miss the old Cata zones. They were one of my favorites to run through. I wish they would do something with them like make a series of Leveling quests so we are not restricted to just BG's and the town quests. Maybe put some weekly BP quests in there like they did with the old Glass quests in ToA
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    @maethir that sounds like a great idea

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  • This game has so much unused content, all they would need to do is upgrade the encounter and the loot table.
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