Ichor of the deep

Roots for 5 seconds less than advertised at each level.

Lvl one hits my bot for 5 seconds instead of the delved 10

Lvl Two hits for 10 seconds instead of 15

Lvl three hits for 15 seconds instead of 20z

Did I miss a patch note or is this a bug?


  • Resists affect duration
  • null

    Which resists? And if resists work as a percentage, wouldn’t the discrepancy vary depending on level?
  • I’m sure resists affect it but it was recently in a grab bag? That the radius wasn’t working and that was just fixed so it could have screwed up the duration now.
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    @Carol_Broadsword ichor really needs looked at. I’ve used ichor 3 four times this morning, didn’t cast at all (nor display anything in logs) two times (i was in melee combat both of these times) landed with animation twice.... both of which they walked right through it.

    Only time it seems to land is on inc...before the fight starts.

    -it appears to be dropping when dmg is taken
    -it appears to not land on root immune tgts
    -when it does land it’s for 5 seconds less than the delve

    I reported ichor problems in discord bug channel with no response.


    Edit: also, since it doesn’t appear to be showing in my logs, can we get a casting animation? Just a nice-to-have
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  • Thanks all, will check it out!
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  • Zephyr immunity also doesn't work. At all. Can be chain zephyred still.
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