Guild Emblem Creation

Hello @Carol_Broadsword

I’ve been trying to find a guild emblem for our newly formed guild. This turned out to be rather frustrating because you need to select your combination, then submit, 99% it was already taken, window closes and you have to enter the command again to open everything. Is there any way you could have a look at this and make this a bit more user friendly or maybe add a couple new emblems? Also guilds that have been inactive for more than 4 years should have their logo revoked?

Thanks a lot!


  • Agree with both your points. Also please add “ant”, and “spider” logo options, thanks!
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  • This is one of those QoL issues that seems minor but is a real inconvenience for those who want it. If @Broadsword is going to revoke inactive accounts' houses, then they should also revoke guild emblems that are not in use or have less than 4 members or something... sh*t is ridiculous
  • guilds with no members for 13 months ....
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