Customer service is crap...

Had a toon in Molvik for a long time with rp/xp off... I played him once while I was an EC account which meant /rpxp off is disabled if you are F2P, so I ran him a little bit until I was getting close to dinging out... then I subscribed... Haven't played him since I subscribed, but I have played other Molvik toons since I've subbed that I DID NOT play while F2P and this is what I discovered...

The toons I did not log onto while I had a f2p account still had their /rp /xp off when I logged back once I was subscribed... However the toons that I did play while on f2p did not have their original /rp /xp off when I re-subbed...

I did an appeal in game and I got an email saying my appeal was closed out, as this is something that isn't handled by them, and gave me no options except for a copy/pasted list of stuff... Like your customer service can't even type their own words, you literally copy/paste the same verbage for every situation and call it case closed...

@Carol_Broadsword you better address this I'm pretty pissed because now I leveled a toon out and it's because your ridiculous EC patch


  • Command , molvik level 39 toon , make an other one take like 3-4 hours .
  • Right, but stupid sh*t like this shouldn't happen, and CSRs should do more than copy/paste the same email they always give
  • Why so angry, it's lolvik???
  • whenever there was change you had to make sure ur xp/rp off was really off---
  • So, you thought resubbing was going to change the flags on your toons for you?

    Hmmm. That's a thought. :#

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    /xp off and /rp off flags were still OFF, or left untouched on any toons I didn't play while I was f2p. Just saying, if EC restrictions weren't so terrible, then this wouldn't happen. Easy QoL that @Broadsword needs to fix when they make their attempt at bettering EC.
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