Would it be possible to have returning players listed in the social news?

With people coming back after years away would it?

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    make it an option when logging in a char that hasnt been on in 6 months+ XXX has returned after X months away!
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    Personally don't care about such a thing but as stated before, could make it an option that the returning player can turn on/off.


  • very good idea
    i support this!
  • Also, can we put a big prominent link to the forums on the main daoc website?
    Symonde (Cleric)
    Symfriar (Friar duh)
    Symsorc (Double duh)
    Sympets (Theurg)
    Symmond (Arms)
    Some random mids and hibs
  • This is a great idea.
  • Is a great idea if people are ok with you telling people, if they don't want it announced then you just gave them a reason not to come back.
  • What Badnagen said, esp with all this privacy stuff being front page news atm.

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    Fairly easy to tell they’re wearing kings gear running supplies quest. Let me guess you cut them a break... yea didn’t think so ?!
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