Welcome everyone to our official forums!

We're very excited about these forums and the future of DAoC. These forums will help grow and unite our community even more. You'll find all the latest updates and information from across the DAoC world, and you can post and find raids to join across all realms, discuss classes, RvR, post helpful guides, and chat general DAoC!

Please do read the forum Code of Conduct, and remember that these forums are strictly modded. No personal attacks, no bashing of the developers, game, or each other. Note that constant ignoring of the rules and severe actions may affect your game account. This is not the place for trash talking, insulting, or generally toxic-natured posts. Be civil and constructive, pause before submitting your post and take a breath. If you think it's possibly over the line, safe bet it is. Take a moment, and rethink.

We hope you enjoy the forums, so take a seat and let's get chatting :)

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Broadsword Online Games


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