I have 2 scouts on my account. 1 I can play, the other I cannot.

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Do I have to meet ALL these restrictions? I am wondering if on my 2nd char I didn't leave my computer on long enough to get 7 days of idle play time time :( . That would be pretty sad... I know this is the first day of Endless Conquest.

On the FAQ it says.
Returning Endless Conquest accounts can access all classes on characters that meet or exceed the following restrictions:
The character is level 15 or above
The character has 7-days of in-game play time or more
The character was created on or before the launch of Endless Conquest
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  • Yes you need to meet all those restrictions to play a char on an EC account. If the scout has 6 days /played. You would need to subscribe to play it now.
  • I was hoping that wasn't the case. My 3 favorite toons are all 50 but I just don't have enough playtime on them. Bummer I really don't want to level up 1 to 50 and just for that.

    I sent DAOC support an email to see if there are any other alternative routes that could be taken (waiting). I know there are paying options like resubscribing, but they also want people to use the new "store" so I thought it would have been in their best interest to allow access to more chars so people would reinvest in the game, community and population increase as a whole.
  • If I go to a movie this month, it's (roughly) $12 to get in on the sale day, $10 for a drink and snack or more if I'm feeling gluttonous. I get 1.5 hrs of enjoyment (on something I'd get for free if I felt like it) for the month. A sub doesn't mean much when you break it down .. not to mention, at the movie I'd still be alone watching; whereas mmorpg.
  • Substrate wrote: »
    A sub doesn't mean much when you break it down ..

    A sub is just a sub but Suberic is fruited cake!
  • sames happend to me im losing around 6 templated toons and 200p+ 500p if u count my items i can sell.The 6 hour restriction is kind of bad.Ppl dident come back to go back to leveling +farming + build templates.i came back to the game so i can pvp and maybe buy some cosmetics so i can look cooler then everyone els
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