Catacombs Revamp?

I was under the impression that along with the release of Endless Conquest, a revamp of catacombs was going to be released that would become the new endgame PVE area. Additionally, I thought that Darkness Falls was also going to be revamped to become the premier RVR/PvE zone. Are these changes going to be rolled out after EC? and if so, what is the timetable for it?


  • You know what would be awesome, if BS would release their list of their next 5 big things they plan on working on, so we can vote and re-align them with what the population wants.
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    Most games typically release official statements about the direction the game is taking. This usually includes a short and long term outlook and it’s fairly detailed.

    DAOC with the exception of @beibhinn does a terrible job of communicating. Nothing is a surprise, because “they” plan and work patches months and probably quarters ahead of release.

    Hopefully looking forward they will be able to communicate more effectively. While the official Discord is an improvement, it’s not a very professional way to put out this information.

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  • Last February we gave a roadmap of sorts in a Grab Bag. Catacombs wasn't to hit with EC, but after it. Once EC settles, we'll update this but this is still in play.
    Can we get some updates on Broadsword’s vision for DAoC in 2019 and beyond? What’s on the roadmap?
    There will be a Producer’s letter coming soon that will outline this in greater detail but we are happy to share a short outline with you all, now!

    Endless Conquest development will dominate the bulk of our time and resources for 2019. It’s a major, major upgrade that we have to get 100% correct. However, there are some features that are part of Endless Conquest that we plan to release as they are ready, instead of holding them for the major launch. With that context out of the way, here’s our 2019 roadmap and beyond:
    • Endless Conquest preliminary launch features (launched as completed):
      • Realm vs Realm population-balancing feature
        • Group-finding and forming improvements as part of this.
      • User Interface improvements including UI-scaling
      • Overall progression and economy changes
      • Web-based community tools such as item search, spellcraft calculator, realm war status, leaderboards, etc.
    • Content updates throughout the year
      • Ongoing bug fixes and class changes
      • New and recurring events
      • Potentially expanding out the Dynamic Keep Siege objectives to other battlegrounds and the Frontiers.
      • Monthly Mithril Store updates
    • The new website launched and tied in with the already-released community-based tools.
    • The launch of Endless Conquest itself
    Post-Endless Conquest:
    • Catacombs expansion revamp
      • This involves re-launching the Catacombs zones and content as entirely end-game focused.
      • Small-group-based PvE encounters and instances with a focus on obtaining unique armor and weapon skins that share existing item stats/abilities.
      • A major surprise. *wink*
      • More details to come!
    • Housing update
      • Existing housing art revamped!
      • New housing types and new art!
      • Update to many of the housing system features
    • Alternate “progression” server(s)
      • Subscription-only access
      • Will have potentially varying alternative rulesets
        • First server will start out as a “Classic” + Shrouded Isles + Housing ruleset
        • Will remain in its launch-state for as long as its playerbase wishes (vote-based) and then will advance through the major updates of Dark Age of Camelot’s history until catching up with Ywain’s state, at which point players will be able to transfer to Ywain.
        • Depending on the success of this server, there may be others added with similar rules but forced advancement/progression, etc.
      • Full details are currently being discussed and we’ll have more information after the launch of Endless Conquest!

    As you can see, we have a lot of exciting developments coming this year and beyond and we look forward to hearing from you to make them the best they can be!

    DAoC Community Lead
    Broadsword Online Games
  • You know I could care less if we could only port to housing and main city, frontier. However, we have people that really want stuff that doesn’t do nothing for population. How many people you think would re-up for catacombs?! I will never step foot in catacombs, even if they spent 10000 man hours on fixing it.
  • You couldn't care less @Snaillyn.

    I don't trust Broadsword to update old PvE content based on their previous two campaigns. However, a lot of old content is unused and has untapped potential to draw some players in if revamped properly. While I strongly believe the appeal to this game is RvR, there are those who enjoy PvE which is still necessary to acquire gear in a timely fashion.
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  • well technically they just revamped ToA by allowing ToA encounters to drop BPs, which will be used in bounty crafting. Hopefully the BP drop is proportional to the curse/OW encounters.

    Do we need new skins for housing? No. Do we need a nicely functionning search tool in housing? Yes.

    Do we care about how the game looks? No. Do we want the game to function well and with a limited amount of bugs? Yes.

    That's why I think that, while it's nice to see the roadmap from BS, I don't think their plan is aligned with the playerbase priorties, hence the voting.
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    Many games achieve MMORPGs endgame engaging is to constantly add new things to do such as lvl increases, gear, new zones etc. RvR is DAoCs endgame content, but not to forget Gaheris was pretty populated for a while. It is possible to play DAoC for pure RvR, with very little time investment elsewhere to get there. However do not take away that some people enjoy PvE, or like it as a side-activity that produce progress for their toons/gear while relaxing without the need to voice chat on discord, or the action on the frontier doesn't benefit their playstyle at that time-frame.

    Many things already given, zones, dungeons, maps already existing to let them do so, giving some the option not just logg out if they not feel like RvR for various reasons. I think all playstyles are valid, and it's nice to give players options to engage in game through multiple possible activity. Clearly it's a developers choice which to focus on, when, and what is reasonable time investment for them to please the most amount of people.
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    @Tyrantanic sad thing is, everyone that knows me knows I don’t PvE and if I am I’m in rare form. I have always had people to do PvE for me. Now with bp’s I can template a character in a few weeks of RvR and never have to PvE. Some people want to make new templates much quicker, new, old etc, and they can with PvE. I however don’t need too, I have everything I’d ever need, and if I needed anything I’d just have to ask for it.

    While I do agree that PvE is some people niche, and they love it so much they want it revamped, we are entering a new era where slow grinding, on an outdated graphic system seems more repetition then enjoyment. I get it, grinding zombies back in 2001 was the ish, however we all pushed to get into RvR regardless of template then, who even cared about gear until you was like r5. The real fun for me started when I had a template and actually roaming for people, not mobs. Never changed since, is why I'm still around.

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    Solivos wrote: »
    I was under the impression that along with the release of Endless Conquest, a revamp of catacombs was going to be released that would become the new endgame PVE area. Additionally, I thought that Darkness Falls was also going to be revamped to become the premier RVR/PvE zone. Are these changes going to be rolled out after EC? and if so, what is the timetable for it?

    DF was changed in the most recent Pendy patch. DF mobs now drop BPs instead of seals and the old Blood seal quest lines reward a nice amount of BPs. From my testing on Pendragon, the diamond loop and knights drop a pretty nice amount of BPs and should make farming them very viable.
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  • Only issue with there not being Catacombs is that I have quests on some of my toons I cannot complete or delete.
  • Mostly the Underground Forest ones
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