Whats the population currently like?

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I haven't played the game in quite some time. Been looking forward to that official Classic + SI server coming out after EC drops. Looks like that wont be happening until the end of this year or perhaps early next year...

So how's the population of current live DAoC? I've been itching to play but I'm a bit hesitant to re-sub to a game that might feel like a ghost town.

EDIT: oops my bad I posted this in the wrong section of the forums, cant figure out how to post this in the general section of the forums.
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  • Don't hold your breath for the classic progression server. It's on the list, after EC, but it will take a lot of time to tackle the higher priority items before doing that server.

    If you want to try the game, get a 1 month game time card and try it yourself. It's too difficult to evaluate pop based on playing style and playing schedule, best to just try it yourself.
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    population is horrible due to broadsword putting in two campaigns that took months to complete which had over powered must have items for rvr [edited]

    I still have fun but i sure wish they would roll the servers back to pre ow/cursed campaigns.
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  • Action during primetimes of USA. Not sure about EU timezones tbh. Picks up on the weekends, but @Hero Zerg has been staying up late like 9pm + CST on weekends which kills the action forcing people to log off.
  • Spikes at around 100-120 per realm in EU time, normally I see 30-60 per realm.

    Taking people out of rvr for pve campaigns is such a terrible idea.
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