Hallowed Saga Etched Shield

Anyone knows how to get this shield on ALB ??

No one available on the housing for multiple weeks and no info on the web on how to get it.

Last item to get for my WIZZ template

Need help

Thanks :)


  • Hallowed items are drops from the Halloween dungeon event.

    You can also buy the items from bounty craft merchants if you farm the bounty points to get it. Takes a little while to farm of the BPs if you’re casual. But with BP bonus and completing all quests you can get very fast that way and free.
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  • I am not seeing this shield on the BP list. Am I just missing it?
  • Not quite sure if its on that list but it should be in that list of Hallowed unique rewards.
  • not on any list in bountycraft
  • Oh not there, not sure if by design but will check :)
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    still funny that Mid has actual access to that shield in an easy way (runed saga etched shield, stat-wise only though)
    but hib and mid need to wait for the freakin merchants and buy it for 3/4 worth of a GTC. any plans to look at that? Sent in some feedbacks about that already too, nothing so far @Carol_Broadsword
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  • you can buy it from the travelling merchants who happen to be in town.
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