Are there only 1 or 2 CSRs working now

I've had /appeal in the que for 2 real days, can't complete a quest because the mob isn't spawning (and yes I have stayed in the same spot for extended periods waiting for it to spawn [5 game days]). And yes I am in the right spot, I've killed the mob before.
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  • This topic has been covered in the Common Issues and Self Help thread:

    "A monster has not respawned in a while. Can I open an appeal and a CSR will make the monster appear?
    Our Customer Support Team will not spawn monsters for you. If you feel like a monster has not respawned in a long time, please keep in mind that different monsters have different respawn timers. Also, other players could have killed the monster without you noticing it."

    Generally speaking, the spawns for mobs are working and not suddenly stopping. Chances are that you have been unlucky, or someone else has killed the monster you are waiting for while you were not there. Also, if you have opened a Bug Report, you will not be contacted directly. That said, if you are having troubles catching a certain monster over a longer period of time (= several real life days), please let Carol or me know so we can pass it on to have it looked at!
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  • wow no thats not a proper reply, i know in coding many things can happen and i know of a few monsters that have always been buggy but hasnt had a huge popularity to fix the spawn timers.
  • 1. It has been "several" days as I indicated in my original post.
    2. This is not an issue of mob respawn, it is an issue where the mob is not spawning at all for a quest.
    3. The quest is Gnome away from Home and I am on the last step (in step 4) I went to Chief Neason's treehouse, the ghostly gnome appeared, I followed him to the Unseelie Henchman and killed the henchman. (Step 5) I read the note, then went up the hill to the south of the treehouse and no Glom anywhere. I've looked up his location to be sure I was in the right place, it has been now 3 real world days I've been checking. The spawn is NOT on a timer, it is on an action (read the note, go up hill, talk to Golm).
    4. It is broke.
    5. I have even gone back down the hill, rekilled the henchman and reread the note a couple of times 61dp6qp7xtn8.jpg
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  • That's like the mob in Coruscating Mine(Allyn? or something) near Frit and Frat it didn't spawn for over a month until server restarted. Appealed many times and nothing.
  • Well at this point in time I'm going to just remove the quest and say screw it because when I logged in today I had no notification that I even had an /appeal in the que anymore.
    Very frustrating.
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  • That is very frustrating. What is more frustrating is that you have not received any (proper) help in which to get this quest done. I am pretty positive there isn't a mad rush of other players doing a lvl 30 quest.
  • That sucks man...
  • Do you still have this quest? I'm wondering how you appealed, by that I mean if you used bug report? Or appeal?

    Bug report go in a type of bug list, basically you're just reporting a bug and moving on. To speak to a CSR it's the appeal option.
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  • JakJak
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    I've had /appeal in the que for 2 real days

    because when I logged in today I had no notification that I even had an /appeal in the que anymore.

    From the original poster with the issue. I am guessing he/she appealed to the csr as an emerg appeal and was waiting for a response from someone in game.
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  • Carol, in reading my original post and follow on post you can see that I used /Appeal and not a bug report.
    I have since removed the quest. Not worth my time waiting for 2 to 3 days and more on a CSR.
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    What is now getting me even more frustrated is that it is happening on another quest. "The Anxious Healer" I'm on Step#2: Kill the Grey Man, bring his Grey Heart to Daracha. I've been in Cliffs Of Moher for at least 5 game days looking/waiting for the Grey man to spawn. Granted I have logged with other characters to play them hoping he will spawn and logging back and forth between them checking over 2 real days. Gonna just remove this one also.
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  • 2 years ago i reported a bug in Cursed Tomb (mid) : the last boss give only credit for the group leader

    I came back recently, it's still bugged, if you have more than 1char, you have to kill it several time and /makel

    I think those kind of bugs are not on a high priority level ^^
  • yeah there are many bugs that are still around, and its not like its that minor...these are game breaking bugs...and yet they just keep adding new things...
  • I'll get them checked Zenethar, but please give me the time to do so. I'm not a CSR so I don't see appeals I go by people contacting me and telling me things to get checked out.
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  • Moot point now. I removed both of the offending Quests yesterday, not worth my time and effort.
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  • I keep losing fights...

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