Crossroads Covenant - Event Update

Friends and Realm Mates,

In gratitude for your patience and valuable feedback during Phase 1 of the Crossroads Covenant event, the Dark Age of Camelot team is offering a token of our appreciation.

On Ywain, Level 50 characters on veteran accounts may now visit the King in their capital city’s Throne Room to receive a Crossroads Crate. This mysterious contains surprises to suit the variety of players that makes DAoC so special!

Some notes and reminders:
  • We suggest that you have 4 free inventory slots available when receiving/opening the Crossroads Crate
  • Please remember that accounts can only have one MTX respec active at a time.If you should be awarded this item, it is recommended that you use it prior to obtaining your gift on other characters
  • Albion note: the King's Royal guard has been moved closer to the main Camelot teleporter in order to facilitate easier access to the Throne Room.
  • This offering will be available through Tuesday, July 16th 2024

Crossroads Covenant - Phase One Extension & Changes

Elements of Phase 1 of the Crossroads Covenant - Lilith event has been updated, and will conclude on Tuesday, July 16th 2024. The following changes to phase 1 have been made and are now live:

[The Shroud] Caer Benowyc or Bledmeer Faste or Dun Crauchon
  • Quests will now auto complete
[The Shroud] Distracting a Princess
  • Succubuses will now respawn more rapidly
  • The level of the succubuses has been reduced

We are truly grateful for the feedback that you've provided, and we look forward to bringing you the next phases of the Crossroad Covenant event.

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DAoC Community Lead
Broadsword Online Games


  • Excellent. Much appreciated.
    - The derision of your enemies is the highest possible form of praise.

    - I intend to coarsen. I want stark contrasts drawn. I want polarization. I will not quietly accept clown-world so as not to upset anyone. I am not tolerant of our impending and increasing slavery.
  • Do you have to finish the quest to get the Crate? I went to see the King and got nothing.
  • TopDude wrote: »
    Do you have to finish the quest to get the Crate? I went to see the King and got nothing.

    Nevermind. It's the old, "Your quests are full," bug so you can't accept any new ones.
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