Buying Otherworldly Ore

Can you purchase otherwordly ore with dragon scales, aurulite, seals, glass, etc...? And which merchant do you buy it from in the different realms?


  • Near as I can tell, it comes from Bounty points. If there is a way in-game to get it, I'd love to know though.

    What most people do is buy a few bars using bounty points, and then use one of the "guaranteed masterpiece" torches to make sure it turns into a masterpiece.

    The Old ToA legendries are very very cheap to buy - but the body and energy ones are very pricy - I'm not sure where they come from - I don't think the ToA mobs drop them - I've had to pay 12-15 plat for them off the CM to make a weapon for my skald and shadowblade.
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  • If there is a way in-game to get it, I'd love to know though.

    It's a side quest in the Otherworld zone (reward is an alchemy component, either for Body or Energy leggies). You pick it up in Chapter 6. Ore can be found in Chapters 6-9 (on the ground). Once you finish the quest, you just right click on them, like you do with the plants (plants are in Chapters 1-5 and in the frontiers).

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