Crossroad Covenants

Our new event starts now! Decide your path, but decide carefully. Not everything is as it seems!

Whisperings across the realms tell of strange deals being made. Deals which affect the power struggle between good and evil in our very frontiers. Players are urged to exercise caution when hunting around the far regions of the realms:

- Caer Benowyc – and surroundings
- Bledmeer Faste – and surroundings
- Dun Crauchon – and surroundings
- The entirety of Ellan Vannin

Strangely, these regions seem to sit on crossroads. Surely that is nothing more than chance?

Power Should be Shared

Greetings, Champions of the realms! The Emissaries of Eidolon have returned from a long journey from a far...far away hearth. They have returned to share their riches and power not of this world. After all, power should be for all who require it, no?

Find one of us, champions. Seal our pact and be rid of your enemies and unbelievers. Show them true strength and mastery of these realms!

Our Followers will enjoy true superiority around the northern crossroads of the frontiers. Join us! Bask in the greatness we offer:

- 10% increased damage
- 10% increased healing
- 10% increased Damage taken
- 100% increased realm point earnings

Notice From the Vigilant Order

Increased demonic activity has been observed at the northern crossroads between the realm’s frontiers!

The Vigilant Order offers our support to those who choose to stand against this demonic threat! Followers of the Order will be enchanted in the crossroad areas of the frontiers with the use of the following blessings:

- 10% reduction in damage taken
- 10% reduction in damage done
- 10% reduction in healing done
- 50% increased realm point earnings

*Followers Beware! The demonic forces are aware of our efforts to halt their nefarious acts and have seeded their evil magics for those foolish enough to be tempted by darkness! *


Three new quests have been added with this Crossroad Covenants event: an introduction quest, a new repeatable weekly (for duration of the event), and a final reward quest. Accepting the first quest gives players either Stand With Wickedness item or Demon's Due item, depending on path. Use this item within the event areas to receive your power!

Players must choose a path: to **Stand with Wickedness** or give **Demon's their Due**. Each path offers strengths, and weaknesses, so choose wisely!

- New never before seen cloaks and, for the dedicated, never before seen visual effects!
- A new title!
- Midsummer battlefield potions!
- Realm points & bounty points!

This event starts now and will run until September 29th, 2022.

Please note: The quests auto complete so please make sure you have room in your bags for the rewards!

Solo Titles

Solo titles have been expanded to include two additional titles!
- Lone Enforcer - 2,000 solo kills
- Lone Assassin - 5,000 solo kills
- Lone Slayer - 10,000 solo kills
- Lone Executioner - 25,000 solo kills
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