Evidence of the Actions Being Taken by Rankfiveoninc Against Me

Here is the first photo, from a few weeks ago, where he had a lackey PM me, and tried to instigate me, which I ignored


Here is a conversation, that Rank decided to confront me directly, while I was uploading my videos proving that run-through is cheating


You'll also notice I started to go linkdead, as I snapped the photo. This is the second time that happened. The first time was when he identified himself as Ruffel, and I wasn't fast enough to snap the photo of it.

And here is where he admits he has been inside my house and installed a webcam to ILLEGALLY spy on me, as he knew I went to Wendy's for my lunch yesterday, before I logged in to play, but I paid with cash. Not a debit or credit card. My OnStar module is disabled. My GPS is turned off on my phone and I have a subscription to mobile security app that provides me with a VPN, while my cellular data is in use and I am using my hotspot.

Was it a lucky guess? Or can he really see and hear me?


As such, I immediately placed him on my /ignore list, and advised him he was already appealed and if he creates a new toon or uses others to try and get to me, that is harassment.

He also admitted he used Ruffel and many others to get to me. I wish I could have screenshotted those, too. I have chat logging enabled, but I don't know where to find it.

I called him a despicable person, and he thanked me, as if he honestly did not care, and when Tunnes jumped into the middle of it, he started on them, too.

Ruffel, here is my apology, as promised, because I was absolutely wrong about you, because I did not have all the facts, and I may not be able to take back everything to this point, but I can start from here, going forward, and not do it to you again.

I hope.you can hear the sincerity in my tone of voice, since I can't look you in the eye to show you I truly feel bad about thinking it was you and making all the jokes, and everything to this point.


  • Are you okay?
  • Are you being sarcastic, or do you actually finally care, because at this point, I expect the former for obvious reasons.
  • I think the question is legitimate, considering you think Rankfiveoninc is part of the government and is using government ressources to spy on you over a 20 year old videogame.
  • I am very worried that you think he illegally installed a webcam in your home and knows your cash Wendy’s order.

    I’m also even more worried that you’re probably a registered voter.
  • The 2nd one is what worries me the most
  • Well, you tell ME how he knew my locations, that day, when I did not tell anyone?

    Was it a "lucky guess"?

    There is a Google Search you can try, it is called, "Critical Thinking".

    It isn't illegal, yet, but Don worry, they are working on making it illegal.
  • Don’t you worry, I’m feeling very critical right now
  • And Dave, next time you don't like how much you are paying to fill your gas tank, don't blame me, I voted for Trump.

    Anyone stupid enough to vote for a man, that says, "We care about truth, not facts."(Joe Biden during the Iowa Democratic Primary election cycle), kinda deserves everything they are going to get.

    Allow me to elaborate on truth and facts:

    You can NOT have ONE, without the other. The two are correlated to each other.

    Ironic, the people in America with legitimate mental illnesses, don't like a man that speaks truthfully about what is really going on in America and Cindylennox is hated for doing the same thing in Dark Age of Camelot.

    It's ok, though. I'm not here to be everybody's friend.

    If everyone like you, then you are doing something wrong.

    And I'm not here to tout a "Make Hibernia Great Again".

    I am here to clean it up, and that is exactly what I am doing.

    I am here to have fun.

    I am here to teach others how to play the game.

    And most of all, I am here for the types of people we can meet.

    In 2007, I talked to players from Holland, Germany, France, and Australia.

    I had a married couple from my guild, chat with me on the phone about things going on in America. I think the husband was Hispanic, and a cop, but I don't remember.

    I do remember him and his wife telling me about how their cousin had oil drills and an oil field in Colorado, that was being ordered by the feds to stay capped off to keep crude high on the stock market, and how Texas has a "crime of passion" law if you catch your spouse in ned with another person, how you can LEGALLY kill them both.

    Just like FB, or anything else, DAoC can be used for "good" or it can be used for "evil", and I intend to try and keep it being used for "good", so people that enjoy RPGs have a safe fun place to relax and have a good time

    You gotta problem with that?
  • Enkertons wrote: »
    I’m also even more worried that you’re probably a registered voter.

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  • I don't think anyone doubted that you voted for Trump.
  • Ya I was going to say nobody doubted who you voted for lol
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