Live Client Update

A new live client is now available with the following fixes:
  • Players should no longer be experiencing client disconnect issues.
  • Albion and Midgard Villas now have the correct number of house vault hookpoints.
  • Midgard cottage and Hibernia mansion guild emblems should now display properly.

If players are currently in-game they should logout to re-run the patcher to receive these fixes.
DAoC Community Lead
Broadsword Online Games


  • Let’s see......before patch LD once or twice per week. After patch and latest update LD 2-3 times per HOUR!!!!!

    FIX IT!!!!
  • They wont lol and it only get worse.
  • Can confirm. The client update made it worse.
  • I guess I’m a little angry because after the last month dealing with family illness, I am finally able to have time to play and this crap happens.
  • I'm more mad about the bug where you cant cast speed of the hunt while mounting up.. I know it's a bug because it still allows me to do it sometimes.
  • Anyone have bad delays when searching in housing market when looking at multiple pages?
  • Pretty sure the necro deathbringer form still gives free 100% moc. I've fought 3 necros over the past few days and they all popped deathbringer and were un-interruptable (no moc spinny/clear effects).
  • Crashes are not fixed..
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