I am impressed, truely impressed

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on your ability to absolutely just fail hard like... what the **** is wronq with you


with 60 people in the frontier it shuts off to free accounts ? its dead as **** with 60 people on a realm.... what ? everyone been waitin on this patch to come to hopefuly help bounce back the population enouqh to play aqain and you put a cap on how many people can play ? (and a super small one ?) you made a nice biq patch we can see you worked hard on and we appreciate, but finaly now we have the people online and you dont let them play ? ooof lol

and what are the people suposed to do everyday when it keeps lockin them out and they cant rvr, loq off and find a new qame to play ? i dont understand lol

im literaly at a loss for words, it took me like 45 mins to type this because i just couldnt fiqure out what to even say lol
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  • I imagine this is a bug, but if the pop cap is that low...RIP.
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  • Would also imagine it's a bug, since @John_Broadsword said the population caps would be based off whether the server could handle the lag, and we've had more in NF before
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  • :/ that cannot be right @Carol_Broadsword ?
  • No, a bug :) Which is now fixed, thank you for the report!
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  • Goes along real well with the giant slap in the face to xp and rps. As a paying customer the last thing i wanted was longer drawn out pve time to reach 50. If the xp nerfs stay the way they are ill be canceling my accounts and i know several others who will be as well. Looks like their will be a net loss of subs if they dont change some of the ridiculous nerfs.
  • Ignore my above comments it looks like they have listened and actually made changes for the better in my opinion.
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    Thanks for submitting your report. I've definitely seen closer to 250-300 over the last week.
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  • I’ve missed your screenshots @Huehuaehue
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