DAoC in game weather (has it changed)

I started playing DAoC from beta, I remember in the early days of the game there seemed to be more rain/snow weather that reduced distance of visibilty. This I always liked in both the PvP and especially the RvR situations, it bought another element to balancing classes in my mind. eg chars that use long range to attack had reduced visibilty. Tanks could move around during the heavy storms and not be deteced the longer range fighters and vice versa, to me added another layer to the game play. I was wondering is it just me that storms now seem very far and few between and also when and if they occure they seem a lot shorter to what I remember.

I was also wonder if it would be an idea to bring them in more frequently and longer if it has been that over the years their use has been reduced, as I mentioned to me it was one of the many great elements adding to styles of play and adding alittle of the unkown.

I also was wondering how other players may feel about this?

regards AP.
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