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  • The route I took to locate the information I obtained. …
  • Thanks for the response, but I don't see anything in the policy that indicates a 45day waiting period. At most, a 3 week (21day) wait. Guilds are an integral part of Dark Age of Camelot. In order to ensure the longevity of any guild, we must make…
  • IMO, The Mithril Shop should be used for EC players to unlock aspects of the game... Classes, Races, Housing, Crafting, etc. Subs should get a modest amount of Mithril, per month, to spend in the shop for vanity items and maybe boosts. Regards,
  • Honestly, I think they could make a killing by selling single/realm/all class unlocks in the Mithril Store. Regards,
  • Looks like my current in-game /appeal was closed without notification. This is NOT a resolved issue. This seems like such a simple request/action, yet no response here on the forums either to rectify the issue or resolve the ambiguity between the po…
  • The email states 45 days and the documentation states 3 weeks. Yes, I know that 3 weeks = 21 days (good call on that one)... That still doesn't account for the discrepancy between the email and the documentation and if they can just make the change …
  • Here is the response I received from BS: Greetings and thank you for contacting Dark Age of Camelot Online In-Game Customer Support. We are contacting you regarding your appeal, Ticket#: 9232040. If a guild leader is inactive for more than …
  • Can I please get an answer from BS on this? I put in a ticket yesterday, no response, I posted here, no response, but a post asking about ROGs for BPs gets almost an immediate response?
  • Here we go... 1) Let people have access to ALL of the Classes. How does a NEW player even know the details of classes they can't play? IMO, the trial account (7/14 days) was perfect to sample what DAoC has to offer Maybe give a time limit on a…