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  • 1. http://www.excidio.net/charplaner/ excidio is a great site. I recommend Schamy,Cleric,Mentalist. (offensive ... not the boring healing spec ). Schamy has the strongest DOTs and D-buffs, disease etc. and a nasty damage reflection shield which …
    in New Player Comment by Yorkeys March 2019
  • Its 10% bonus. not 20%.
  • I did not say nerf the class in their abilities. I said FIX the bugs. MoC1=25% damage and not 100. And fix the cave Phaseshift that ticks for 200 damage area a sec.
  • Träumen darfst du. Wird zum Glück trotzdem nie passieren.
  • 100% Dex. 400 softcap and I think 450 hardcap. but since str is rising during level instead of dex, it is not reachable .
  • Ok I get it. Take it with humour, and give a ram on there dead ass back:) You are right, those players won't change, so I have to change my attitude about it.
  • Tic doenst give immunity. and it doenst break on damage. Valk is 70+% snare...thats like a root. VW root style gives no immunity either. just let it stay like it is. nobody wants even more CC then now.
  • Sure. If you increase the duration from 10 sec to 1 min like every melee weapon proc.
  • btw. isnt theug rr5 a better version of static since it workes with charge?
  • A very normal soon scenario: 1.minstrel+pet or minstrel+scout attacks an ememy. 2. flute mezz+ 2 DDs before the mezz is casted. 3. you puge and get a 11sec stun. after 5 sec stun field is active and stuns you....you run out of stun field and get a 1…
  • Mythic did the same: New Class = OP class. remember the warlock with his instant dead chambers...and then nerf it to the ground. Small fixes are always welcome...but in small steps.
  • give classes the ability to buy with RR points remedy. 5 points every 15 min, last 20 sec.
  • If you have so much promlems, switch to easy mode classes. If you need BGs, switch the realm to hib and play Vamp/mentalist ( OP ). If you need a Easy class which can compete solo, but isnt hib, play Necro or smitecleric ( no stealther could best th…
  • where does it tell you, that earning BPs is getting harder? they even say, that it is getting easier. ML1-10+CL1-15 is easy right now possible in 1 hour. if you want to save only for high end gear....your fault.
  • Make a new currency, so those people who are crying to loose BPs, sit on their millions of worthless potential speed of hunts. Sad, that BS has to deal with such problems....
  • @Shoke Great idea ... if you would know WLs you would know, that they have the highest absorb in Midgard + 2 instant heals every.....if they want 20 secs (quickcast) root and perma snare...they are...beside of all those abilities also very hard to …
  • Silly me. I forgot, that they have also a 40% perma snare, a weak but still near sight and a 250 AF d-buff .... snare+d-buff+any midtank....not good A start would be, that make all DoTs are Primary Spells.
  • Thank you for the answer. Very helpfull, so i know, i can skip this cloak since it is not worth putting into the temp.
  • Carol_Broadsword wrote: » The siege crafting changes and ram updates were only part of it, the upcoming 1.125 patch deals more with RvR and sieging I have a problem, that my trebuchet does less damage with special crafted ammunition then the s…