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  • 2-3 casters, a debuff and ideally a disease is all you need to drop pretty much anything in one-two round of nuking in a keep.
  • Pop won't get better, and you can't lock people out from playing a specific realm. Guess we know what to wait for... Let's hope they get it right.
  • Hero was banned for a couple days after Caledonia, and the game was suddenly so much more enjoyable. That in itself seems like Hero is the issue.
  • Could start from banning him from playing US prime. Herorius, please stop running on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You already ruin the game for the Euros, you don't have to do it for NA players too.
  • Morsanto died to a melee healer and instead of coming to the conclusion that he's terrible, he blames it on "hacks". #1 excuse people use when killed in a pvp game
  • @Rok1 Wait wait, imagine that people actually made really detailed videos. You're welcomed
  • 47el wrote: » was wondering ---- does scripting cause lag???? No, but it's dependent of lag/latency
    in Scripting Comment by Shoke October 8
  • The real question @Gavner is how many of these players pretending scripts are evil still keyboard turn, click abilities and have spell queuing activated.
    in Scripting Comment by Shoke October 8
  • Minibard wrote: » @audizmann you can script rear follow up with rear style and side follow up with side style to one key. Just do the follow ups first I don't think it'll work, because afaik the second style is always queued. So in that spec…
    in Scripting Comment by Shoke October 7
  • Almhin wrote: » Minibard wrote: » I am so good at bard because I have my AE MEZZ, AE amensia, root, 2x dd and demezz, group heal all on one button. There's a difference between decision making and mechanical skill. Scripting won't directly a…
    in Scripting Comment by Shoke October 7
  • So you are telling us that making scripts that are super rigid and remove flexibility by adding additional qbinds & keys is a good thing? I'd say 99% of all scripts will : 1. Bind a melee style follow-up with the opener 2. bind a melee reac…
    in Scripting Comment by Shoke October 6
  • @Brut you do realize scripting is allowed on the freeshard right?
    in Scripting Comment by Shoke October 6
  • Imagine knowing about qbinding /assist to a key. Mind blown
  • Hmm, hero is best well rounded heavy, best combination of survivability and dmg. Armsman is prob the best peeler / group / utility heavy tank. Warr is overall good and pretty good for solo.
    in Heavy love Comment by Shoke October 4
  • @Kymatius that request is unjustified, heavy tanks are in a great place right now. They hit hard (as much as they should), are super durable and provide good group utility. They don't need anything else. They are the one archetype that's in a r…
    in Heavy love Comment by Shoke October 2
  • I hope they find the patch level that will provide the best daoc possible, and that is not Classic. Somewhere after ToA before 2015 is probably the sweet spot. And focus on fixing bugs, slightly tweaking classes and putting a huge focus on eve…
  • @Mahvash Why are you even here? I haven't seen you post a single positive thing ever. We even tried to help you understand specific game mechanics that you were complaining about on multiple occasions. We tried to offer help so you would enjoy yo…
  • 8 man is the most difficult playstyle to run consistently, I've been saying that for a while. And not because it requires more skill, not at all. It's only because of the fact you need to have 8-12 dedicated players that have compatible schedules…
  • If I was you I'd remove "classic" from your question as the patch level hasn't been confirmed by BS. It's just an alternate server project atm, patch/ruleset is still tbd.
  • To be honest I don't understand why casual players would be against scripting, as they would be the ones most benefiting from it. Landing multiple styles using the old way requires more skill than using a scripting program like AHK. However, good…
    in Scripting Comment by Shoke September 25
  • @Names Ah I didn't know Mojo could do that, it works pretty much exactly like AHK, the coding structure seems different but it does the same thing. I was under the impression that Mojo was strictly for macro groups and firing keys accross multiple o…
    in Scripting Comment by Shoke September 25
  • @Tesc The discussion isn't really about the value of charge, it's about giving charge 5 for free (1.5 min reuse). That basically is a 30 RA point gift to light tanks, that basically only have to get Det9, MoPain, AoM and some purge. Free charg…
    in Heavy love Comment by Shoke September 24
  • @47el autohotkey is a free program that anyone with basic understanding of programming logic can pick up and have it working under 10 minutes. You can also use the software from your mouse/keyboard. You could youtube "daoc stepping up your…
    in Scripting Comment by Shoke September 23
  • @Dreamscape strange comment... Take away bow from rangers, they aren't a ranger anymore Take away stealth, crit strike and envenom from assassins they aren't assassins anymore. For Light tanks, would it be taking out free charge or du…
    in Heavy love Comment by Shoke September 23
  • How are scripting and running weapon/shield related in any way? You obviously don't use Mojo (neither do I) because if you did you'd know it's good only for logging characters faster, switching qbars and adjusting some visual settings that you c…
    in Scripting Comment by Shoke September 23
  • @puter not at all. Skill is defined at how fast you can click your abilities, regardless of context.
    in Scripting Comment by Shoke September 23
  • Pointing and clicking? I wish I had a keyboard that came with my computer as well, I could try to use some keys on it from time to time.
    in Scripting Comment by Shoke September 23
  • Heavy tanks are fine, don't touch them
    in Heavy love Comment by Shoke September 22
  • I don't think removing insta amnesia from bard is a good idea. It's important for the bard to have that instant amnesia because it's the only tool he has for getting close to a sorc and be able to get some CC done. You remove that insta amnesia a…
  • ToA was nice for the cool items it brought (minus the artifact encounters, scrolls farming and item leveling) and for the aditional abilities. However, in a new server, you can't have artifact encounters and MLs, unless they are doable by a gro…
  • Why do people assume that the new server would be classic? BS never confirmed that information.
  • Housing patch broke housing, give them a couple weeks to fix everything first.
  • @Rootnix and nerf the necro cloak too then, since it can stack with the wizard cloak? Mind blown.
  • deltaxp wrote: » Shoke wrote: » omg nerf wizards, they are really the strongest caster in the game. not nerving wizards themselves. its not the intension of the post, its the differenz between the realms. didnt no, that runemaster also have i…
  • Kroko wrote: » Hib is the only realm now, which has a class that can climb and be stormlord. I dont think you need any further advantage. You do realize that this has been the case since when... like 2005? When ToA released?
  • Chanter = reset quickcast Ment = group power heal Eld = stealth Ani = summons a pet that bolts
  • omg nerf wizards, they are really the strongest caster in the game.
  • @Names wasn't that change made like 5 years ago? classes with 1.0 spec points get red resists at 40 buff spec, while friar and warden get it at 43. Looks like it's balanced.
  • @Koe I don't think giving more solo RPs will turn the game into a solo game. Right now, it takes a LOT more effort to make decent RPs in a night compared to zerging. Risk/reward needs to be balanced (hence why doppels should all be relocat…
  • Well, healers are always incredibly boring to play in siege, in all realms. Aug healers can (and really should) cc. If your Aug sits there and strictly heals, no wonder they find the class boring. Healers have baseline cc, they should use it, r…
  • Well if you assume open field, the mix would probably be Cc/heals Pet class Hybrid So hib would be bard+vw/champ+ment/ani/chanter Mid Healer + bd/sm + valk Alb Sorc + necro + pally (two lifetap classes, don't really need a main heale…
  • And then the skald pops his siege buff and 1 shots the warp. I don't see how a skald valk healer trio loses to bard ment Eld.
  • Just rework spymaster imo, and remove battlemaster from archers and replace with spymaster? Archers already get grapple and it's dumb
  • Would obviously be divided between group members like they are now. #4 is basically how RPs were distributed before they changed it to favor grouping (aka zerging people down). It's not a new mechanic, it's reverting to an old mechanic.
  • Good point, guess #4 doesn't really work
  • @Creaper the main issue I see is that you reward 8 mans and smallmans for zerging down lesser numbers. The 75% rule hurts zergs and that's great. I agree that some groups would potentially split from the zerg to get their roaming auest done. …
  • @Creaper the goal with making the quests be worth more than the kills is that it would help Broadsword orient rvr in different ways. Like for a week solo quest is worth double the RPs, or for a week keep takes reward double RPs, etc. My point …
  • @audizmann can make that mid maze have a capturable objective. Not a flag or an angel statue, but maybe a type of buggane buff that has its value increase the longer you stay in the area.
  • If I can add to that: Change 4: Change the RP distribution calculation where the RP value of a kill is divided equally amongst all the players that did damage. Change 5 : Reduce the overall value of RP/kill, and instead increase the value of R…
  • Well having a spec matter nuke was really bad, it really served no purpose. That change does nerf WC locks in caster groups, but that combo was already rare. Now you could run a melee train, with a fw mauler running the class cloak to 50% matter …