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  • Carol_Broadsword wrote: » I'm sorry but we're just not ready to talk about this yet, it is getting there, just not yet. Please keep discussing though, we are reading In the end you have to shut down that bird server if you want this official s…
  • The bird server is killing its pop off with stupid changes. Time for the official server.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, our work continues on the alternate, "classic" ruleset server and we look forward to sharing our plans with you very soon! ....gives me flashbacks....
  • As long as they dont force my chars on ywain again after a set period of time im happy to throw money at them. But i wont waste any of my time and money otherwise.
  • Fateboi wrote: » @Dreadone if the season/ladder never ended than Ywain would be an actual ghost town. They won’t gut Ywain for a subjective “maybe I’d play this” Old Frontiers. Therefore it makes sense to stick with a tried and true method t…
  • (sry bad english) The only way I would possibly play on such a "seasonal server" is when you are NOT forced on ywain after the season ends.This should be optional. Its like deleting your toon because in no way i would play ywain. Thats totaly ou…
  • Vanish : - Only usable when you got attacked first and were not the person inishiating the fight. - Only usable when ungrouped. You can pick your fight. If you lose you lose. Isnt something like this a compromise?
  • Sorry for the bad english General settings: 1.) Classic+SI+Housing 2.) Old Frontiers With Hibs be able to port to bolg/crim. Or something else so hibs can also join the zerg fest in emain more easily.Perhaps only when they own all of the…
  • Yeah yeah...were talking again in 2022 then. Broadsword is missing opportunity after opportunity. But hey.. at least you guys got ugly transmog masks and stuff...holy sht.
  • I would prefer OF if the hibs get a port to bolg (for example when owning all of their own keeps). - Zergs can do their zerg thing in Emain. - A lot of other locations for smallmans and full groups. I like the instant action Emain is offering.…
    in OF vs NF Comment by Dreadone March 2020
  • We need the classic server already... waiting for years. Dont wanna play the other server(s).