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  • The only thing i miss about Mordred is the Shadowclan guild
  • I too miss the old Catacombs, and the stories therein. While there may be some technical issues preventing their full return, i'd at least would like the loot (from the now closed dungeons) to return in some form. Yes, out with the aurulite, in wi…
  • I'm afraid i cant share the pessimism about the level 10-20. I've been in mixed groups almost the whole day on Sunday and it worked very well IF (and only if) there was a mixed group involved (a few level 20s with a few level 10s). The low levels l…
    in Feedback Comment by Siabra March 2021
  • However, i really like the ideea of random porting. Adds more action throughout the BG and also a random element to the action therein. Devs could consider implementing this for all BGs on Ywain.
  • Please fix enchanter pets in Caledonia
  • I'm looking forward to this event, even though i am mostly a Gaheris carebear. Honestly, rather than new servers, such events, showcasing other locations and rewards, may be something that can be used to bring people back.