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  • SI has a couple of the best spots to grind with some classes. As long as everyone contributes, you can level rather quickly in SI. I think moreso than classic areas. Mid has Modernagrav in SI and Spind in classic. Alb has Avalon City in SI and…
  • Shoke wrote: » God damn really takes an expert on the game to realize that it was hib stun causing all this imbalance for all this time. It's been an issue for several groups of people the entirety of the game. Don't worry, your precious stunl…
  • Hib stun has been a problem long before Broadsword took over the game. When Mythic was running it, and the Team Leads brought it up (even Hib TLs) it was 'duly noted'. There are other issues that plague the game that literally break class function…
  • I was participating in a player kill outside Caer Boldiam. It was a small battle of people with all three factions outside the Caer.
  • Or instead, they could not be stupid about it. Wall of text incoming. This is a 20-year-old game. The community of players is small. People aren't knocking down the doors to play this game, not because of the age, but also because of the level…
  • Dreamscape wrote: » Don't hold your breath. Oh trust me, I'm not. There are a few things that are keeping me from subscribing back to the game, and these are a couple of them, and I know the timer is drastically reduced as a sub, but even th…
  • Not that I've seen, I just finished leveling my old SM from 45 to 50, finally hit that last night. Got nothing. And, the items I've already EARNED I cannot use because of EC status, which is frankly quite unfair.
  • I don't believe there are even any shop merchants on the archived servers to get the token.
  • After coming back to the game for about two-three weeks now, I am just about ready to just up and leave it already. The one-sided faction with the most benefit and advantage in the game is simply out of control. No amount of /assist will fix that,…