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  • [removed - please see the forum rules]
  • [removed] . I now only play to be in the world because it brings back memories for me and its relaxing but RVR, Battlegrounds.... there are far to few to really have the quality for those things. [removed]
  • 47el wrote: » ive been watching an afk bonedancer farming spind for over a day---jumping, he seems to be doing fine..... Then they are lucky or not using their 40+ commanders
  • DaRedANT wrote: » I don’t have any issue with pets in PvE, and I have all the pet classes. Do you /QBIND all the pet controls (Aggro, Defensive, Passive, Follow, Go Target, etc)? Being able to quickly command the pet makes a difference. If y…
  • what a joke, with the next to no players playing and I doubt even half are paying for the game there is no way they waste time, money on a progressive server. If anything they need to fix what is wrong with the game, the pets, the bugs etc just pat…
  • I just got back on doing the endless conquest to try it and was thinking I would resub..... Until I played my BD, I like the changes to the lines just not the changes to the Pet pathing/AI. It is FAR worse then it ever was before and I played DAoC …