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  • A new server only makes sense for a short period of time. The biggest problem facing the game now is that there are far too many characters playing in what amounts to god mode. Realm rank means everything and all of us know it. Few players ventured …
  • Some groups are designed to farm each other and if you interrupt it, they will punish you. As for realm loyalty, it simply does not exist at all. Many, if not most players have close to every class there is in every realm now, many rr5 and above. Wi…
  • Way to go. You preserved the absolute worst part of the EV event, while destroying most of what makes the game fun. Every time I think you can’t make things worse, you do!
  • I really hate the EV event. The whole zone is a bust at the present time and dueling at folly is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. In most cases, you don’t have to duel to know who will win. High RR characters will win 95% of fights, su if you’re …