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  • Kroko wrote: » IRC grp had a champ in grp, and they made each week about 1-2mio rps (everyone of them). The rest was done by Hero bg, which runs every day and has often no counter in other realms. Glad, that i could clarify this for you. …
  • Llewd wrote: » Some classes and specs have zero counters to this stuff. It's gross. Some classes should not engage other classes. It's called balance. Not every class should be able to defeat another class, let alone 1v2.
  • Kroko wrote: » It doesnt prove anything. Hibs got nerfed with last semi-patch. Champ got nerfed. This grp had a champ in grp. You seriously think Champs move the needle that much? Please review the…
  • Kroko wrote: » The current data is what counts. Not what happened half a year ago. I gave you here a reason why hibs could have been on top of rps last year: Kroko wrote: » I dont think there is a big problem with hib classes. The point is,…
  • Kroko wrote: » @Dobroi I meant the last months, April and May, where the 3 lines are very close, and only a difference of about 5%. Yes, but the trend shouldn't be based on 3 months. Look at the entire dataset of the last year.
  • Kroko wrote: » Btw. the RPs/realm are very close: Only recently the difference is bigger again. But before that the 3 realms were almost the same. With a difference of 5% maybe. You must not understand what "close" is. There is a consist…
  • Kroko, I’m sorry if this has been brought up. If it is brought up a lot, maybe there is something to it. I wanted to add my thoughts, and hope for a rebalancing that is clearly needed. On the other hand, you dismissed it out of hand. So e…