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  • I sure do want to support the game/give the money
  • Attempting again to get my character name from a 15 year, inactive, RR1, character. Still no luck. . .another year I won't play, another years worth you don't get paid for.
  • I've paid for the last 2 years. . .my account is set to charge another year, beginning in Feb. If you can see past your rules and help me reclaim 1 original name for 1 specific character I will continue to play/pay the yearly cost. If nothing can …
  • Adding population is a good fix for problems, but you can't just add pop. on a whim. You, instead, add it artificially by making it feel like there are more players. How? The death buff encourages players to spend more time in RvR zones and addin…
  • rather disappointing. . .the tree maiden quest in hib si is broken too.
    in Quest bugs Comment by iLk June 2020
  • I have the basic info, looking for information like maybe someone who use to play with the guy.
  • Just go into the account and change the name. . . or delete the 10 year inactive account in favor of the one that's paid for the year. . .
  • Feeble hijack. Anyone at Broadsword compassionate enough to let me reclaim my name from an account that is many years inactive?
  • Just an idea - /macro Q1 /qbar 2 1. . .and then /macro Q2 /qbar 1 1. Now you have a switch to go back and forth between 2 bars.
  • Mini - you missed the 100% entire point. IRC need to make things easier for the masses and make things more difficult for IRC. They should run PUGs and lead BGs. They have to get out of their comfort zone. . .not try and make their exclusive club…
  • I will try to make this short. If your goal is farming RPs, making sure you hardly ever lose, or keeping your ego fed then by all means keep doing what you’re doing. If your goal is to promote 8v8, get more 8v8, and/or have more competitive 8v8, …
  • Shoke, you are so very wrong. These drafts are 8v8 minus the 0RPs you get roaming in between 8v8 fights. . .minus the 0RPs you get if a zerg gets you. They do offer these high realm rank people a quick opportunity to fight and kill 8 RR11+ 'friend…
  • You, off course, turn your RPs off when you set up groups of high RR toons. . .across realms. . .to fight each other at the precise time you're all worth max RPs? You, off course, pick places with low traffic like Ella. . .Forest Sauvage? You,…