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  • Shoke wrote: » @Melisandre how are realm "jumpers" to blame, while you stick Herorius 24/7 and actively participate in what essentially destroys Euro prime action every day for the last couple years? Situation #1 : Herorius runs a BG, cuts all …
  • He Logs to Alb, Starts a BG and Defs against the Hero Zerg ?
  • mhm have you tryed another USB Slot four your Keyboard ? Might be a faulty USB Socket.
    in Need tech help Comment by Indur July 22
  • Saracen Cleric
  • You can get Items for Bountypoints - called Bountycrafting, found in your Crafting Skills Bountypoint Cap is 500k - watch out that you dont waste BPs Classes best ask for a specific Class tbh. Templates check Daocutils
  • Use Stacked Items, Stackable Potions, Crafting Queue and Scroll of Recall in the MTX Shop, i bought a lot of Scrolls but lets face it, they would sell !
  • Minibard wrote: » Pleazing wrote: » Most broken thing in the game is the 15min realm timer. True, it needs to be removed. After playing a bard, healer and sorc, bard is not OP to the others. They just have to be played differently. Eve…
  • I would Focus on the Quality of Life Aspects for the Paying Customer, like Stackable Potions or Useable Stacks - unstacking those OW Clippings is Anoying. I would pay for that.
  • Koe wrote: » Cab is the strongest pet class in game when combined with RR5 ability.Many pets no longer have stun. SM's and Cabs are both incredibly good when well played given the pet, utility, and lifetaps. You shouldn't lose a 1v1 which after…
  • 47el wrote: » why not just switch the realm timer for a realm rp loyality bonus that stacks with the others........ should make everyone happy.... the realm pride peeps and the action peeps and the daoc history peeps I like this one
  • Pleazing wrote: » Yes solo the bone dancer is very good because no one wants to deal with the pets in a group or in the BG. Therefore a lot if not most bone dancers play solo therefore giving over-exaggerated solo kills on The herald. You need to …
    in Realm Balance Comment by Indur April 29
  • Mahvash wrote: » Brut wrote: » Doppels are great for action what it has highlighted is that people do actually enjoy small man and solo action it is somewhere to go to avoid the zergs I would keep the quest but build on it change the locations.…
  • Can we switch the Cabalist RR5 for something usefull ? A not CCable pet that will be killed with 2 nukes or is simply not there due to Spirit specc is pretty useless.
  • Well then Good Luck !
  • Controverse thingy - Slam got nerfed years ago to 5 sec - mabye base line stun should also be reduced? It is just a sugestion / question ?
  • 4) if one realm has 50% under Pop realm Bonus Penalize the Overpoped realm by the Same amount (the worse the players make it the worse it gets for them) if not RPs are had due to that or just 2k for an evening of Zerging you might see a difference.
  • Kat wrote: » Badnagen wrote: » Kat wrote: » So..even if it only affects pet classes (which isnt true), that includes sorcs minis cabbie necro chanter menty druid sm bd hunter animist That is 24% of the all classes. Take out th…
  • Okay -so underpop Bonus does not work ? How about Overpop Malus ? Just reduce all rps from Overpop realm by x % ? I know hibs are gona hate it but it could fix the spread of ppl ?