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  • Lol jebus....crying about zergs...today...like your argument has never been made in the last 15 years at least 100 times a week. Yeah, I'm not going to sub. It makes me sad but this game is dead. I'll just stay in EVE (which btw, is 1000x more…
  • Lol this game is 18 years old and barely has a stable population left and people are still complaining about zergs and not getting fair fights like it’s 2004. Maybe realize it’s not going to change ever? As far as a new server, I’ll put it more…
  • They need a new server for this. The EC toons will be at such a disadvantage that they won’t have any incentive to sub. Level the playing field and you’ll get more to join (and maybe add another class to the options).
  • I logged in again after not playing for about 3 years. There is a lot different but a lot has stayed the same. The main one is the population of new players competing with people that have been around for a long time. With a game that is 18 years ol…
  • I'd like a new server with EC. There are so many characters in a game that is 18 years old that anyone that hasn't been playing regularly is at a disadvantage RR wise. Also, there is nothing to do but PVP now and most people have multiple toons t…