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  • Ah yes, the minstrel 3 piece curse set. Which promises a 2 second (count them- TWO) bonus to stun. Lets math that up real quick: After factoring in resists and things like Determination- if you are extremely fortunate, that 2 seconds is really cl…
  • Servant for PvE. Moar dots!
  • Cabby: spirit. 46/47 your call. Spend your remaining points according to what you want to do. Necro, solo spec used to be pain working. After they nerfed it, a lot of people put their necros on the shelf. however, both of the caster spec li…
  • Was it Mid or Alb group didn't get credit for completed quest? "Working as intended".
  • I'm kosher with this idea, but if you're going to take wall climb away from minstrels, then replace it with some other reason to spec stealth. I would settle for movement speed in stealth from spec vs wall climb
  • Fantastic responses. I love the ladder idea. I think most here agree though, maybe it's time to re-evaluate wall climb as an ability.
  • Minstrels having wall climb as a spec was IMHO par of the forced necessity to make a decision on spec. It also fell in line with "Minstrels are good at everything, great at nothing". And at their base, Minstrels are a rogue class. Yeah they could c…
  • While I understand why and how we got to this, consider the unintended consequences: My main is a minstrel. Ridiculously high power regen from armor/items is over double what power song provides, making it essentially useless. Add In that every …
  • Wall climb was originally restricted to assassins, archers and minstrels. Archers were nerfed straight away. That left stealthers and minnys. Mythic gave in to the crying from other realms and gave wall climb to heavy armor classes. (Terrible mov…