Alb Nation-------------- Friday Night Fights------- Alb Nation Vs Mid Bg

1st fight of the night-

2nd win

3rd win

4th win

5th win- Final fight of the night- Mid bg logs

"I think what he is doing is good. For a long time Albs not have very good leaders. Natebruner is perfect, his accuracy, his pushing"

"Nate calling out fights in the Alb public bg has been a recent source of entertainment for me, most of those folks have never heard anyone call targets during US prime." Teddie

"First off I am pretty sure most Mids agree that Albs previous leaders were weak and Nate is actually bringing out action." Impounded

Discord me: Natebruner#3781


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    What about the 6 straight wipes you had in open field. Shadowplay broken?

    350k night. 750 kills. 90% of it thanks to Alb

    Get a more balanced view. #natepropaganda
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  • Was a fun night.

    I do have say, it is enjoyable to watch the many deaths of the Alb bg leader from a different perspective. Need to get some better heals.
  • Typical after midnight Nate propaganda. I had my shade on last night and saw we Hibs had 2 Alb keeps and was on wall of Bold and saw Mids on inner door. Was Nate in KM sleeping or wrangling those chickens?
  • Nate camped KM all night long only coming out a few times and each time Mids won except twice. How does he keep numbers while camping, a keep for hours is beyond me.
    Enjoy the ban Nate
  • Guarding km like a kitty guard their toy lol, kinda funny.
  • Apparently some doesn't learn their lesson like a good student and get banned again lol
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    Lol. What did he get banned for now?

    At least he has his Discord channel he can try to convince they are doing well
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  • Hahah.. he's gone again? Poor fella... he just got back
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    Friday nite US Prime Time was a lot of fun. Both Albs and Mids were out in numbers with a wicked guerrilla force of LicoriceWhip and a merry band of Hibs that did there very best to disrupt and kill. At one point on my Mini I was trying to get Modgud off Baby and was wondering where I could find a bazooka because nothing else was going to work. I swear that Clumsy blocks everything when I try to find a target to mez :) We had stalemates, outright wins and a few losses on all side. I wish I could have stayed up to go with Rescue after the Alb relic but I had achieved Pumpkin status and bed was beckoning.

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    Bumblebunny to the rescue !
  • Fun fights Cheaten Nate's spin is laughable.
  • The very same day, Mid Perspective...

  • @Kairen
    You must have spell effects off cause I didn't see a single hammer that I know I threw lol. I was there for all those glorious whoppins. Thank you for posting the REAL fights.
  • I'm requesting a video section @beibhinn so #7KNate and his buddies can spam in there.

  • Video section would be nice. Video was great, ty. Tanky, he had names off as well, probably had effects off for the later fights.
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